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The first Alexa board game has arrived - and she's already trash-talking players
Sensible Objects

The first Alexa board game has arrived - and she's already trash-talking players

When in Rome is a geography-themed trivia game with Alexa at the helm

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Alexa is now the star of a new board game, where Amazon's virtual assistant talks you through a geography-based trivia quiz - and dishes out some trash-talk to your family while she's at it.

Called When in Rome, the game features a board, cards and tokens to be moved by players, but the game itself is orchestrated by a companion Alexa skill.

Alexa teaches players the rules, keeps track of their scores, and guides them through the game from start to finish. Along the way, she can be given the chance to trash-talk players, hurling insults at them as they compete.

The aim of the game is simple; the board features a map of the world and once players have chosen a city to start in, they must then work their way from one country to another, answering topical questions read out by Alexa and a range of other voices as they go. Naturally, points are earned for answering questions correctly.

As well as the main game, the free When in Rome Alexa skill offers up a single question about a new city every day, which can be answered without owning the $29.95 board game itself.

When in Rome is the first of a range of similar board games planned by manufacturer Sensible Objects. The games fall under the company's new brand Voice Originals, which will see Alexa get involved with more games in the future.

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