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Understanding the New Amazon Echo Buds: Features, Updates, and Everything You Need to Know

Discover the latest Echo Buds with enhanced audio, Alexa integration, and smart controls.

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As you might know, we do a lot of product reviews on wireless headphones of all types. Recently, we were introduced to Amazon's latest innovation, the Echo Buds (2023 release), which combines high-quality sound with the convenience of Alexa, packed into a true wireless earbud design. These earbuds represent a significant upgrade in personal audio devices, supporting seamless integration with everyday digital needs via Bluetooth 5.2. Here's a detailed look at what makes these new Echo Buds stand out for tech enthusiasts.

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Features of the Echo Buds (2023 Release)

a product shot of Echo Buds (2023 release). comes in white and black.Echo Buds (2023 release). comes in white and black.Amazon

The Echo Buds offer rich, balanced sound with 12mm drivers, ensuring crisp audio and balanced bass. The design incorporates two microphones and a voice detection accelerometer, enhancing the clarity of communication, whether on calls or voice commands to Alexa.

Designed as semi-in-ear earbuds, they are light and sweat-resistant and focus on reducing outside noise while keeping you connected to your surroundings. They come with pre-installed silicone earbud covers to optimize fit, ensuring comfort without compromising the barely there feel.

Seamless switching is another core feature, allowing the Echo Buds to connect to two devices simultaneously and move between them effortlessly. The transition is fluid whether you're switching from a work call on your laptop to relaxing music on your smartphone.

Alexa on the go enhances mobility. With Alexa built-in, users can play music and podcasts, make calls, set reminders, and more through voice commands. The earbuds are compatible with iOS and Android devices and support Siri and Google Assistant.

a photo of the inside of Echo Buds (2023 Release) wireless earbuds.Inside l;ook at Echo Buds (2023 release) with unique touch controls.Amazon

How long does the battery last on the Echo Buds? The long-lasting battery offers up to 5 hours of music playback, extended to 20 hours with the charging case. A quick 15-minute charge can provide up to 2 hours of playback, making them ideal for those on the move.

One of the best features of the Echo Buds is its touch controls. Customizable tap controls allow users to configure tap gestures for each earbud through the Alexa app. These can control music, phone calls, mute mics, and more, tailored to individual preferences.

Regarding privacy, Amazon ensures that personal information is protected with multiple layers of privacy controls integrated into the Echo Buds, including muting the microphones through the Alexa app.

Personalized audio settings are available to tailor the audio experience to individual listening preferences, enhancing the detail and fullness of the sound.

Updates and Enhancements - What's New with Echo Buds?

Amazon has updated the tap controls for even greater customization. Users can now set tap gestures to trigger custom Alexa actions or routines, such as checking the weather or getting traffic updates, directly from the earbuds.

Users also have the option to change the wake word from "Alexa" to "Echo," which can be configured in the Echo Buds device settings in the Alexa App.

Should I buy them or not? Important Points to Consider

a photo of the wireless charging case for Echo Buds wireless earbudsEcho Buds wireless earbuds come with wireless charging case.Amazon

The 2023 Echo Buds release does not support active noise cancellation, instead focusing on a design that balances ambient noise with audio clarity.

To find the perfect fit, users should consult the Fit Guide, which includes instructions on adjusting the pre-installed silicone earbud covers. An additional pair is included in the box for greater customization.

In line with Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, the Echo Buds do not include a USB-C charging cable, reducing plastic waste and encouraging users to reuse existing cables.

If you plan to buy the Echo Buds, they can be purchased on Amazon for $49.99. They come in black or white. If you need a USB-C charging cord, you only have to pay an additional $10 or $59.98.

Final Thoughts

The Echo Buds (2023 release) offers impressive features designed for an optimized audio experience and integrated digital life. While they cater to the needs of tech-savvy users with their advanced capabilities and customizable settings, the lack of active noise cancellation might be a point to consider for those in noisier environments. Overall, the new Echo Buds are a robust option for anyone looking to upgrade their earbud game with the added convenience of Alexa and smart features.

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