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Hisense announces new Laser TV short-throw projector tech for 2021

Ultra HD projectors create images of up to 120 inches

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Television manufacturer Hisense has announced a new range of Laser TV short-throw projectors at the CES 2021 technology show.

The benefit of short-throw projectors over regular home cinema projectors is how they don't need to be positioned a long way from where you want the image to land.

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With the clue in the name, short-throw projectors throw their image over a far shorter distance, meaning they can sit on your existing TV stand or media cabinet, and project onto the wall behind where your TV used to be.

For 2021, Hisense has upgraded its L5F projector to produce an image of up to 120 inches, 20 inches larger than before. The company says it will introduce two more short-throw projectors later in 2021, capable of even larger video sizes.

Called Laser TV, the short-throw projectors include speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, TV tuner, A/V inputs and all of the streaming apps you would normally find on a smart TV. As such, these devices are aimed at consumers who want a home theater experience, but without fitting a conventional projector to the ceiling and buying a projection screen and surround sound speakers.

Announced at CES today, Hisense's latest short-throw projectors come with the company's TriChroma laser imaging technology. These projectors can create images of 75 inches to 100 inches. Hisense says the color gamut coverage of these projectors reaches up to 151 percent of the DCI-P3 film color standard, which the company claims is "almost 50 percent beyond high-end cinema."

CES technology show signThe CES technology show is taking place online in January instead of in Las Vegas CES / Twitter

Hisense hasn't revealed a price or exact release date for its latest Laser TV projectors just yet. The current version of L5 retails for $6,000, so readers should expect to pay a healthy premium over most Ultra HD televisions. That said, with the projectors reaching 100 inches in size, they are more cost effective than an equally-large television.

We like what Hisense is doing with short-throw projection technology. As televisions get ever-larger, the black rectangle they become when not in use gets bigger too, taking up even more of our living space. By comparison, these projectors take up less surface space, sit on the same piece of furniture, and leave the wall completely blank when not in use.

Due to the pandemic, CES is operating this week as an exclusively digital show, with press conferences taking place entirely online instead of in the show's usual home of Las Vegas. Event organizers say they hope to bring CES back to Las Vegas in January 2022.

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