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Best of MWC 2023: Our Choices for Hottest and Best New Mobile Tech

At Mobile World Congress 2023, here are the five companies we think have unique products that can help solve interoperability and sustainability on a global level.

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Gearbrain Editor Choice

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), we had our feet on the ground to bring to you the latest and greatest mobile technology. Popular themes continue to center around 5G, 6G, immersive technology, and sustainability. For us, we look for new technology and devices that will make our new connected life better and more efficient. And at this year’s show, there were a few companies that stood out to us because they follow this theme and can make our lives better and more efficient. One company had a technology that focuses on the classroom while others will help improve our connected life when in stores, at home, or in the car.

Here are our Editor’s Choice Award winners for Best of MWC 2023:

Aiden Auto In-Vehicle Services (AAOS-System)

a photo of Aiden Auto demo at MWC 2023

Aiden Automotive demoing their Android Automotive OS (AAOS) at MWC 2023


Imagine if your car had an operating system that allowed you to stream videos or maybe track and share your good driving with your insurance company to save money on your insurance premiums. Thanks to Aiden Auto, that is now possible. The company launched software that sits on top of a vehicle’s Android Automotive OS and can standardize data and communication from a car or truck to provide a seamless in-car service experience that is secure and GDPR compliant. It can also be customized by OEMs to appeal to their customers and is easily installed over the air by the dealer. (Here is a link to a demo of Aiden Automotive in a car.)

What GearBrain likes about Aiden’s system is how the drivers will have more control and offer their car’s infotainment system. Aiden’s software will make it easier for drivers to select and manage their in-vehicle services through an integrated user interface. And data providers will be able to offer more robust services for drivers and deliver them over a secured platform. And OEMs will be able to a car’s infotainment systems and work with customers to offer high-value applications delivered through one system that can protect their privacy.

Aiden Auto is currently partnering with Volvo Group and Lynk & Co. on a test. The Volvo partnership is through the innovation hub CampX in a proof-of-value project that will run until Q3 2023. This will help with the future development of new innovative transport solutions. Lynk & Co, a European OEM and new mobility brand working with Aiden Auto, is conducting a European test of new tailored services with mobility subscriptions. The company also works with insurance providers and Road Travel.

D-Link AQUILA Pro AI Series of Wi-Fi 6/6E Mesh Systems

a product shot of D-Link AQUILA Pro AI Series Mesh System

D-Link's new AQUILA Pro AI series of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E mesh systems


At this year’s MWC, D-Link announced a series of smart products centered around private 5G O-Ran, M2M (machine-to-machine), Enterprise Solutions, and Smart Homes. The one that caught our eye was the launch of their new AQUILA Pro AI series of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E mesh systems. The company’s new mesh systems are designed for easy installation, have remote control, and are Matter Compliant. Homes with lots of smart devices will be able to set smart scenes and create device groupings. The systems also have an AI Network Optimizer and an advanced AI Assistant, which work together to ensure superior Wi-Fi coverage inside your smart home.

"D-Link takes advantage of MWC to showcase the next evolution of Wi-Fi, 5G mobility, broadband solutions, customizable management, and AI-optimized networks for the aim of benefiting telecom operators, service providers, and all consumers in a cost-effective way," said CJ Chang, CEO and President of D-Link Corporation.

The AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi 6/6E Mesh system will be available starting in Q2, 2023. For more information, please visit AQUILA PRO AI.

Huawei Watch Buds

a product shot of Huawei's new Watch buds

Huawei Watch Buds is the combination of a smartwatch and wireless earbuds in one.


Do you like carrying around your earbuds or wireless headphones and case? What if I could show you a way to store your earbuds inside your smartwatch, allowing you to leave your earbuds case at home? Well, thanks to Huawei, there is a way to do this and it’s their new Huawei Watch Buds. This new smart device is a combination of a smartwatch and wireless earbuds with active noise canceling (ANC).

The smartwatch can fit wrist sizes 140-210mm and is lightweight (66.5g). It has a 1.43-inch AMOLED color screen with a 466 x 466 resolution. It’s in a stainless steel case and comes with a 22mm leather strap. It has 6-axis inertial sensors including acceleration and gyroscope sensors. It can monitor your heart rate using the optical heart rate sensor 5.2, It also has a bone conduction component which is used for voice wakeup and call noise cancellation. This smartwatch works on a mobile device running Android 7.0 or later or iOS 9.0 or later.

The earbuds are also lightweight (approximately 4g per earbud), IP54-rated waterproof, and work on Bluetooth connection. And the battery life for both devices is not bad. The smartwatch has 2 days of battery life while the earbuds will give you 4 hours of music or 2.5 hours of calling with ANC disabled. When ANC is enabled, you will get 3 hours of music or 2 hours of calling.

The Huawei Watch Buds cost around $799.99 and are available on eBay and

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Ossia ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera

a photo of Ossia ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera installed in a retail store.

Ossia ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera works in custom homes and businesses. And it doesn't need a plug or battery to work.


One of the biggest problems today with security cameras is trying to find a good location and there is an outlet nearby. Or if using a battery-powered security camera, you have to be conscious of where you position it because you need to recharge the batteries every month or a few months. All of this can now be avoided thanks to Ossia’s new ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera. This new smart device is the first smart security camera that is powered by Ossia’s FCC/CE-approved Cota Real Wireless Power, a patented technology that delivers power over the air, at a distance, and without the need for line of sight. It has everything you need to set up a wireless-powered security camera system; if needed, you can power multiple security cameras simultaneously. So, no more worrying about positioning an indoor security camera inside your home, or a retail store for optimal field-of-view (FOV). ARCHOS will allow you to place this security camera anywhere you want including places that discourage tampering.

The company is offering two bundles for pre-order. The first one is made specifically for commercial spaces that are 600 to 800 square feet. It includes three cameras and a Cota transmitter. The second bundle is for larger commercial spaces, 800 to 1,200 square feet, and includes two Cota transmitters and six wireless power security cameras.

Ossia’s ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security is also eco-friendly since doesn’t rely on disposable batteries. If you are interested in learning more about Ossia and its new wireless power security camera, visit the company website.

Huawei Smart Classroom 2.0

a photo of Huawei executive explaining Huawei Smart Classroom Solution 2.0 at MWC 2023

Huawei Smart Classroom Solution 2.0


Since the pandemic, we have had to balance working from home and remote learning for our children. Now that many of us today are in a hybrid lifestyle, we have been seeing a lot of new technology come to market to help improve our new connected life. At the MWC 2023, Huawei launched a new next-gen smart classroom solution. This new solution leverages Wi-Fi 7 and intelligent edge devices to enable teachers to employ unique and effective smart learning practices through the cloud. This includes the company’s new all-scenario education solutions, including improved research capabilities and new educational resources that can accelerate digital learning.

Huawei’s Smart Classroom 2.0 solution supports live streaming, automated recording, and class analysis, accelerating smart teaching with edge-cloud synergy. Learn more about Huawei Smart Classroom 2.0 on the company site.

Over the next several months, GearBrain will keep you posted on the progress of these new devices and systems. In the interim, if you need help finding and buying any smart device, make sure you check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility find engine. It’s free to use and can help you search and manage smart devices that are compatible with your smart home systems, smartphone, or home Wi-Fi routers.

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