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Your Google Nest Audio could be hiding a secret home theatre feature

It looks like Google wants to bring home theatre sound to its Nest speaker

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Google's new Nest Audio smart speaker and Chromecast streaming dongle might soon work together to create a home theater sound system.

This is something rival Amazon already offers with its Echo smart speakers and Fire TV streaming stick. With that system, a pair of Echo speakers can be paired to the Fire TV, then placed either side of the television to create a simple home theater system.

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Now, it looks like Google is planning on giving its Nest Audio and new Chromecast with Google TV the same feature.

This is according to Reddit user 'Natelar', who spotted how metadata on the Nest Audio's page on Google's online store includes the phrase: "With Chromecast * Google TV Nest Audio becomes your home theater sound…"

Although it doesn't show up on the Google Store page itself, the wording appears in Google search results for the Nest Audio, and was first picked up by 9to5Google, which also noticed that, when searched in the UK, the wording adjusts slightly to the localized "Nest Audio become your home cinema sound system".

This could be a mistake by Google, or the leftovers of a feature the company decided to remove from the Nest Audio at the last minute. But with Apple and Amazon both offering the same function with their speakers and TV streamers, it stands ti reason that Google would want the same.

Google Nest AudioThe Nest Audio is priced at $99 Google

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Google is working on turning the Nest Audio into a pair of TV speakers. Amazon already does this, as we explained above, and Apple's HomePod and new HomePod Mini will soon also be able to function as a pair of speakers when wirelessly connected to the Apple TV 4K media streamer. With the larger HomePod, Dolby Atmos surround sound will also be possible.

It's a nice move from all of these companies, as it firstly convinces customers to purchase two smart speakers instead of one, then it ties them in with the company's TV streaming device. In the cases of Apple, Amazon and Google, these streamers also point users towards the company's own paid-for digital content, in the form of Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Google's Play Store and YouTube TV.

Instead of buying a sound bar, picking up a pair of speakers and a streaming device, all from the same company and offering neat integration plus all of the intelligence of a smart speaker, make for an attractive, affordable package.

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