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Best Tech Deals for Connected Home Theatre Devices

Check out these great deals on smart devices for your new connected smart home theatre system including Black Friday and CyberMonday offers.

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As we are in the middle of the holiday shopping season and you are considering building a home theatre system, there are a several elements to consider to get the best listening and viewing experience for your space. For instance, do you already have a streaming media device? Do you want a streaming media device built-in to your smart TV? Do you want a new smart TV? Are you interested in Dolby Atmos, or a TV that has 4K or 8K? And if you already use a voice assistant, do you want a system that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung's SmartThings or LG's ThinQ?

GearBrain can help you figure out everything you need to know about these devices, and even how to put them together in our Connected Home Theatre Guide. We'll can also help you find the best deals for each of these connected home theatre devices as well, so you can build the home setup that's right for you and your smart home.

Streaming Media Devices

Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Stick Amazon

As more consumers cut the cord and get their content from streaming media services, there are a number of viable streaming media devices they can consider. There are devices made by Roku, Apple, Amazon and Google (Chromecast), to name just a few. Listed below are the best deals we have found for the month of March at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon:


Best Buy·


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Fire TV Cube, Hands-free streaming device with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD

Smart Connected Speaker

Amazon Echo Show 8 The Echo Show 8 smart display by Amazon Amazon

To get the best sound for your connected home theatre system, smart speakers are a great choice. These connected devices work on a wireless link and support voice control of various systems, including a smart TV. They can also control streaming media devices, as well as the content you stream. Smart speakers also come in different shapes, sizes, and brands with options including Apple, Google and Amazon. Here are the best deals we have found for smart speakers in March:


Best Buy


To learn more about the best smart speakers, you can visit GearBrain's List of best smart speakers and displays for your smart home.

Smart TVs

Samsung 8K TV Samsung has sold 8K TVs since 2018, but with little content to show Samsung

A great screen is a solid addition to a connected home theater system, pairing with both smart controls and sound. Televisions have morphed from big picture tubes to smart connected devices with powerful operating systems that can create the ultimate viewing experience. Some can act as a hub for a smart home too, as they connect to the internet and are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. Here are some of the deals we found on smart TVs from leading brands including Sony, LG and Samsung, as well as newer ones from Vizio and Hisense.


Best Buy


Samsung - Deals directly from the company

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How to find a smart tv with built-in technology like Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Alexa and more.

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