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New Samsung TVs adjust HDR picture based on your room lighting

New HDR10+ Adaptive feature to appear on the company's 2021 QLED televisions

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Samsung has announced a new feature for its televisions which adjusts the display's image output to account for ambient lighting conditions.

This means each scene of a film can be tweaked to look its best, no matter what the lighting in your room is like. Factors that will cause the TV to adjust its picture include the brightness of a room, the time of day (and therefore the temperature of natural light), and the proximity of windows.

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Movies with HDR are usually best viewed in a dark room, but the new adaptive feature and its light sensor should help to make HDR content look its best regardless of ambient light.

Samsung said on December 30: "While viewing HDR content is typically optimal in a darkened environment, customers' viewing environments may vary greatly depending on a wide array of factors, including room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows...This feature utilizes the TV's light sensor and ensures that the screen brings to life the creative intent without any loss of details or contrast."

This system is different to Dolby Vision, which is a form of HDR that can adjust the output of a screen for every scene of a film, but doesn't base these alterations on ambient light. It is also worth noting that Samsung televisions do not currently support Dolby Vision.

CES technology show signThe CES technology show is taking place online in January instead of in Las Vegas CES / Twitter

The first content to work with Samsung's HDR10+ Adaptive technology will be from Amazon Prime Video, whose catalogue already includes some HDR10+ movies. The feature also works with Filmmaker Mode, a setting Samsung and other televisions makers created in partnership with filmmakers and studios to make movies look the way their director intended.

The announcement of Samsung's new HDR10+ Adaptive feature comes a couple of weeks before CES 2021, the world's largest technology show which this year will take place entirely online instead of its usual home of Las Vegas. We expect to see Samsung reveal a range of new televisions during CES, which kicks off on January 11.

LG also announced new TV technology this week, in the form of QNED Mini LED, a new type of backlighting designed to improve the contrast ratio and HDR performance.

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