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a photo of Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV on a table in a backyard.

Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV Review

A new smart outdoor TV that works in full sunlight to help you watch your favorite tv show or sporting event while outside.

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As more owners of smart homes start creating outdoor living spaces where they can sit and watch their favorite TV program or sporting events on a smart outdoor television, they need make sure they know the type of sunlight which will be shining on their outdoor TV. Will the TV be in partial sun light or full? Will you be mounting your outdoor TV in a place with full shade or partial? If you need a smart outdoor TV that works in full sun, then you are going to like this review. Furrion, a global technology company that designs and manufactures products and services that enhance consumer lifestyles, sent us their new Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV (55 inch) to test. After a few weeks of testing this new smart outdoor television, here is what we learned and liked about this outdoor TV that works in full sunlight.

What is Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV?

a photo of Furrion Aurora Smart Outdoor TV in full sunlight ina yardFurrion's Aurora 4K Smart Outdoor TV works in full sunlight.GearBrain

The Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV is a 4K smart outdoor TV designed for the ultimate backyard entertainment experience in full sun light. It can also work in partial or full shade, but it’s meant for viewing while the sun is beating down on you. It is weatherproof (IP54 rating) and can work in any type of outdoor conditions if the temperature is between -4 degrees F and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s able to withstand the elements because this smart TV’s housing is very durable, and the outputs and inputs are protected by a weather-resistant media bay on the backside of the TV.

Regarding video resolution, the Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K TV comes with 4K ultra-high- definition (UDH) LED anti-glare display and HDR10 to help provide the brilliant colors and deep rich contrast to enhance the outdoor viewing experience. It also comes with XtremeShieldTM IK08-rated tempered glass screen which can protect it from scratches or any impact.

How does Furrion Aurora Smart 4K TV work?

a photo of Furrion Aurora Smart TV showing LG Channels and LG webOS on smart outdoor TVFurrion uses LG's webOS smart platform which includes LG ThinQ appGearBrain

The Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV is powered by new LG WebOS smart platform. This system will provide users with easy access to stream your favorite apps and content. And if you have LG smart devices, you can connect the Aurora Smart TV via the LG ThinQ app which is LG’s app for its own smart devices and ones compatible like Aurora smart TVs. So, if you subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max or Peacock, you will have no problem accessing these services on this smart outdoor TV. And to help provide access to these streaming services, your Furrion has RangeXtend external antennas which can provide a strong Wi-Fi signal which is needed. Note: Furrion Aurora Outdoor Smart TVs connect to your home Wi-Fi network using dual band model with 2.4GHz/5GHz connectivity. It also works on Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection.

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How much does Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV cost?

The Cost of Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV varies by size. The current lineup of smart outdoor TVs for full sun comes in three sizes: 43”, 55” and 65”. The 43” costs $1,999.99, the 55” is $2,699.99 and 65” comes in at $3,699.99. All are available on Best Buy and Lowe’s. If you need a stand or maybe an outdoor soundbar to go with your new outdoor smart TV for full sun, the company has a new soundbar for you to add along with mounts for your TV. You can also get these accessories at Best Buy or Amazon.

Now you might be thinking $2k for an outdoor smart TV is a little high. GearBrain did some checking on what other smart outdoor TVs cost and here is what we found. There are not many companies that manufacture outdoor smart TVs. They mostly make TVs that work in full or partial shade We found three reliable manufacturers: Sunbrite, Samsung and Peerless AV.

In looking at the price points for these smart outdoor TVs, we found Sunbrite’s Veranda Series TVs start around $1,700 for a 43” full shade TV and go up to $3,700 for a 65” full shade TV. Their partial shade starts at $4,300 for a 43” and go up to $10,818 for a 75” LED HDR 4K version. And their full sun outdoor TV lineup, Sunbrite Pro Series start at $4.818 for 43” LED HDR Full Sun Outdoor TV and goes up to a little over $9,400 for a 65-inch 4K outdoor smart TV.

Samsung is another manufacturer of smart outdoor televisions. Their “The Terrace” line comes in two versions, full sun or partial sun. The list price for the entry level Terrace for full sun is $3,500 for 55 inches but is currently on sale for $2,800. The Terrace goes up to 75 inches and lists for $6,500 but you can get it on sale for $5,000.

Peerless AV is the third manufacturer we found that manufactures smart outdoor televisions. You can buy either partial sun or full shade smart 4K outdoor TVs. They start around $1,700 for a full shade 55-inch outdoor TV and go up to $3,900 for a 75-inch partial sun outdoor TV.

When we take these prices into consideration when evaluating Furrion’s Aurora line of smart outdoor televisions, $2,700 for a 55-inch 4K smart outdoor TV is a great value.

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How to install your Furrion Outdoor smart TV?

Photo of inputs are in casing behind the TV and protected from the elementsAll inputs for your Furrion smart outdoor TV are behind a protective casing to help keep safe from the weather.GearBrain

Installing the Furrion Aurora smart TV is very simple but depending on the size you purchased, you will need a second set of hands. On the box, there are instructions on how to unbox your Furrion smart TV. These instructions are easy to follow too. One tip: when taking the TV out of the box, we recommend laying the TV down until you are ready to mount the TV whether it be a wall mount or a stand. We would also recommend you check the Wi-Fi signal at the location you plan to install your Furrion outdoor smart TV. If the signal is low where you want to place your Aurora TV, you might need to get a Wi-Fi extender to help get a strong signal to the TV. Remember, you are streaming video which needs a good strong broadband connection.

Once your TV is mounted, turn the TV on and follow the prompts on the TV using your Furrion remote. The set-up process is quite easy to follow. You will need your home’s Wi-Fi network credentials to connect your Furrion to the Internet for streaming. If connecting your Furrion to a satellite dish or cable connection, the setup time will be quicker except when checking all the channel connections. This could take a while depending on how many channels are on your plan.

photo of Furrion TV with remote controlFurrion Aurora Smart Outdoor televisions come with remote controlGearBrain


In testing this smart TV, we used a normal home using erro Wi-Fi mesh system as its router. We unboxed the Aurora Full Sun 4K Smart Outdoor TV on a patio 30 feet from the home. We did need two people to unbox the smart TV because it was big and heavy.

Once the TV was unboxed, we setup a supplied stand and mounted the Aurora TV. Then we positioned the TV facing into the sun. Turned it on and followed the instructions which were easy to understand. Since we were not connecting the TV to our cable box, the setup time was quick. Setting up the channels would take time if you decided to go this route and connect the TV to your cable or dish. The only step we had to make sure was completed properly was connecting the smart TV to our home Wi-Fi network.

Since we were testing the TV 30 feet from the house, we were not sure if the TV would have a strong enough signal to work properly. But once we connected the TV to home router, we had no connectivity issues. This was impressive. The TV had more bars than our SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera which works on a Wi-Fi connection and was on the side of the garage next to where we were testing the Aurora Smart TV.

A photo of the testing spot for Furrion Aurora Outdoor television.We tested the Furrion Aurora smart outdoor TV on a patio in the back of our test house which was more than 30 feet from the back of the house. And Aurora TV was able to pick. up our home's Wi-Fi network with ease.GearBrain

However, there was one area we had an issue with when viewing the smart TV in full sun light. Though the picture was bright and the best we have seen from a smart outdoor TV when in full sunlight, we got a lot of glare from the side of the garage and the house. It seems the sunlight reflecting off these surfaces caused a ton of glare on the screen. To get rid of the glare, we had to position the TV more upright to get rid of some of the glare. We also put on sunglasses to help reduce the glare. But know the type of programming being broadcast will impact your viewing experience, especially when you have glare. We would recommend checking for glare at the spot you plan to install your outdoor TV. No smart outdoor TV can get rid of glare totally but you can help reduce it by making sure objects near the TV don't reflect onto the television screen. Also, make sure you angle the TV on the mount to prevent glare from objects on the ground or tables.

Lastly, we a little surprised the Aurora Smart Outdoor TV lineup didn’t have any Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice platform integrations. We have tested many smart TVs, indoor and out and a majority of these have these integrations. Furrion does use LG webOS in all it’s smart TVs and you can connect the TV to the LG ThinQ app which does connect to other LG smart devices and compatible gadgets. Our test house has LG smart appliances and uses the LG ThinQ app, so we tried connecting the TV to the LG ThinQ app. For some reason it didn’t recognize the Furrion Aurora TV. We are not sure why. We asked the company and Furrion told us they utilize LG’s webOS platform so users can have some features that work with LG. Something to be aware if you plan to connect this smart TV to your smart home.

a photo of Aurora TV with glare from our garageBe conscious of objects that could cause glare. In this photo we got glare off of our white garage wall. But the picture is still good.GearBrain


After testing this 55-inch Furrion Aurora Full Sun Smart 4K UHD LED Outdoor TV, we were impressed with its performance and durability. The setup was easy to follow and the picture quality in full sun was good but found viewing in partial or full shade was better. We also would recommend you wear sunglasses when watching in full sunlight. It cuts down the glare.

We also liked the design of this smart outdoor TV. It’s well-built and can withstand rain. We had it out in the rain and afterwards, worked fine. We are confident this TV even work when it is snowing but just must make sure the temperature is above -4 degrees Fahrenheit. (Note: we didn’t test the TV in snow conditions since it was too warm outside, but we would have if it were snowing.)

a photo of the backside of Aurora Smart Outdoor TV - 55 inch on a stand.Make sure you get a mount or a stand for your Aurora Smart Outdoor Television. Also notice the Wi-Fi antennas. These antennas are strong and can pick up your home's Wi-Fi signal with ease.GearBrain

Who should buy this smart 4K outdoor TV? If you are thinking of building your own outdoor living space and want a good quality smart TV with excellent picture quality and can withstand the elements for three season a year, Furroin Aurora smart TV will work for you. If you own a restaurant or bar and want a respectable outdoor TV for your outdoor space, Furrion Aurora will be a good choice. And if you want a smart outdoor TV, you can leave outside and can provide a quality viewing experience in full sunlight or darkness, Furrion’s Aurora smart outdoor TV is an option for you to consider for your backyard.

Overall, if you are considering adding a smart 4K outdoor TV to your smart home, bar, restaurant or a camper, keep in mind a good smart outdoor TV will cost you between $2,000 to $5,000 plus a stand or mounting bracket. It will all depend on the type of TV (i.e., 4k, UHD, or QLED) and size (45”, 55” or bigger). When you consider the price points for outdoor smart TVs, Furrion’s 4K smart outdoor TV and its features offer quality viewing at an attractive price. Just be aware you can’t ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn it on or off which could a good thing or not. And you need to be conscious of objects that might create glare on your TV screen.

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  • Price
  • Durable design
  • Works in full sunlight
  • Strong Wi-Fi connectivity


  • No Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant integrations
  • Depending on where you install TV, full sunlight can create glare
  • No TV stand.

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