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Eight ways to beat those winter blues

Cold weather is moving in and you'll definitely need to prepare. These nine smart home devices will help.

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While the winter blues can affect anyone, this winter may feel particularly long as people spend more time indoors. Still, staying active and productive can be difficult as the temperature dips. These eight devices may help make these winter months more comfortable and the days feel a bit more manageable.

1. Add an extra layer with wireless rechargeable warming glove liners

Rechargeable hand linersThese rechargeable hand liners get their heat from battery powerSharper Image

These $180 liners from the Sharper Image fit inside your gloves, but they sat warm through battery power. You can choose three different heat settings from low to medium to high, and they can run up to four or five hours depending on your level of heat. With five different sizes, there's an option to fit almost any one.

2. Warm up with the Embr Wave Temperature-Control Bracelet

EmbrEmbr Wave wearables can increase your body temperature an extra 5 degrees.Embr

This $350 device can cool you down, but during the winter month, tap on the red illuminated bar to increase your body temperature an extra 5 degrees. You can also pair the wearable with a mobile app over Bluetooth, which will help visualize the waves as well. The Embr Wave runs on lithium batteries charged over USB and you can get two to three days of use from one charge.

3. Keep hands toasty with the Smart Hand Warmer

Hand warmerThis USB-powered hand warmer automatically shuts off after 90 minutesSimply Gadgets

Think of this device as a comforter for your hands. Plugging into a USB charger, the warmer heats up a graphene layer, which then keeps the flannel-covered device warm. It automatically shuts off after 90 minutes, and there are three settings for the temperature you prefer. You can pick three different colors including grey, pink and a hunter green. Normally about $68, these hand warmers are currently on sale for $37.95.

4. Cook up a storm with the Yummly

A father and son making a meal togetherCooking a meal together is a great way to keep winter blues awauiStock

Making your first holiday feast? No need to go looking around for Grandma's cookbook or test your luck with random online recipes. With Yummly you can access countless curated recipes for everything from green bean casseroles to tiramisu. The app also allows you to create shopping lists and generally just makes everything easier.

5. Block out snow glare with smart window blinds

Block out snow glare, and create a cozier space, with smart window bilndsGetty Images/iStock

Smart window blinds are way to install and can fit your home and budget — whatever your needs. Some of them can even be controlled through smart assistants including Alexa and Google Assistant. So all you have to do is stay on the couch, sipping a hot chocolate, and ask for the shades to just come down.

6. Keep your toes warm with heated blankets

Heated blanket from WayfairNothing better on a cold night than snuggling under a warm blanketWayfair

The worst thing about winter is the cold — and if you don't have a good blanket, you'll probably be spending way more on your heating bills than necessary. Cut down on your budget with the Homde Washable Blanket which is machine washable for easy care, and works for four hours before shutting off on its own. two-hour auto shut off. Pair this device — or any other heated blanket — with a smart plug or switch for easy, smartphone use.

7. Keep connected with a smart display

Amazon Echo ShowA smart display can help you stay in contact with loved onesAmazon

A smart display lets you tap into Google Assistant or even Amazon Alexa while you're preparing holiday meals, or checking the weather. When connected to other smart devices, you can turn up the heat or the lights with the touch of a finger. Even better you can use smart display, like the Amazon Echo Show or the Lenovo Smart Display, to contact family and friends and let them know how much you're thinking of them this winter.

8. Save money with a smart thermostat

Nest thermostatAdjust your home to be the right temperature for youNest

For those days when it's too cold to get out of your bed, a smart thermostat can warm up your room for you. Some smart thermostats connect to Alexa, others like the Nest Learning Thermostat work with Google Assistant, and can be accessed via smartphone, tablet and computer. You can also schedule your heating and cooling options in a customizable format so that you'll never step on cold floors ever again while also saving on your heating bill.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home - 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat - Works with Alexa - Stainless Steel

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