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Here's everything that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Meet The GearBrain — a smart app that finds connected devices you run by talking through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

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Own a Google Home or Home Mini and want to find smart lights you can run with just your voice? Or maybe you picked up an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and are curious about smart locks that lock — and unlock — your front door by talking out loud. We've built a way to answer those questions: The GearBrain — a compatibility checker designed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, displaying every smart device that works with either of the leading smart speaker assistants.

The GearBrain:

Works with Amazon Alexa

Works with Google Assistant

To start, select the voice assistant you use below — Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. From there, we'll send you to a page with smart devices, appliances, and gadgets that work with an Alexa-enabled smart speaker or one with Google Assistant baked inside.

Next? You'll choose a product category, locating smart devices compatible with speakers, including Google Home, Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, or Amazon Echo Dot (to name just a few.)

Finding products is essential. But we know you also want to see if these gadgets work. So, we have product reviews and other relevant content from GearBrain's editors so you can learn more about products and services you control with your voice. If you find a device that works in your smart home — you can purchase the item through The GearBrain to help make your buying experience more accessible.

Enjoy The GearBrain, and let us know if you don't see a product listed — but are searching for a solution that works specifically with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. There's a comment section where you can post your questions — and we'll be happy to help you find the best answer for you and your home.

The GearBrain, First Compatibility Find Engine for Smart DevicesGearBrain's mission is to simplify the Internet of Things or new connected devices for consumers. Many of today's new connected ...

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