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Afloia Smart Air Purifier for Large Rooms Review

Afloia’s smart air purifier works with Amazon Alexa and H13 True HEPA Filter to keep the air in any room up to 1500 sq. ft. clean, especially if you have pets.

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Smart Air Purifiers are excellent smart devices to have in your smart home these days, especially with the pandemic and if you have pets. These smart devices come in all shapes and sizes and can easily help keep the air in your home clean from dust, pollen and any other type of particle which you might be allergic too but don’t know it. Recently we were sent Afloia smart air purifier that works with Amazon Alexa to test in a real home. Here is what we found from testing this smart air purifier.

What is Afloia?

Afloia is a smart controlled air purifier that can help keep the air in any large room clean. It works in rooms up to 1500 square feet and can detect in real time allergens, pet h air, smoke and any particles as small as 0.1 microns which would include pollen and dust. It can even filter pollution from wildfires.

Afloia comes with a True HEPA H13 filter, an activated carbon filter, a fine preliminary filter and a UV-C light. This smart air purifier also has a 4-stage purification system which can filter out 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air.

a photo of Afloia smart air purifier unboxedAfloia Smart Air Purifier unboxedGearBrain

How does the 4-stage filter system work?

The Afloia 4-stage filter system uses all three filters to remove pet dander, dust, bacteria and more from your air. The Fine Preliminary Filter captures dust, hair and pet hair. Then the True HEPA H13 filter captures PM2.5 particles and bacteria and the last filter, Activated Carbon Filter prevents fume and smoke from cigarettes, cigars and wildfires from going back into the air in your room. This 4-stage system can last up to 3-6 months before you need to replace a filter.

How to control Afloia Smart Air Purifier?

a screenshot of afloia home appHome page of Afloia Home app for iOS and Android devices.GearBrain

To operate your Afloia smart air purifier you can either use Amazon Alexa or the Afloia Home app. The Afloia Home app is available in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The app will allow you to turn your Afloia on and off as well as set fan speeds, set purification time, turn the UV lamp on and off and check filter usage. You can also set schedules for daily cleaning and activate sleep and auto cleaning modes from the app.

Afloia Home app also allows you to setup task like when the temperature in the room is <59 degrees F, go to auto mode. These tasks come in handy when you are not at home, and you want to keep the air in your room clean for when you come home. You can also add a task to have your air purifier go to auto mode when the weather outside is raining and you will be spending more time inside than normal.

How to set up your Afloia Smart Air Purifier?

a screenshot of Afloia Home app screen for setting automationsSet automations in Afloia Home appGearBrain

Setting up this smart air purifier is extremely easy. First, unbox your Afloia and make sure you have all the items. Then download the Afloia Home app and follow the set-up instructions. You will need your password for your Wi-Fi network. Afloia works on a Wi-Fi connection. Once you connect the Afloia to your home Wi-Fi network, and your air purifier is set up in the app, you are ready to explore setting up tasks and alerts in the app. You can also connect your Afloia Smart Air Purifier to Amazon Alexa. Once connected, you can use voice commands to turn your Afloia smart air purifier on and off as well as the UV light on and off or turn up or down the fan.

How much does Afloia Smart Air Purifier cost?

The Afloia Smart Air Purifier costs only $219.99 and is available on Amazon. This is a good price for a smart air purifier with HEPA filter and UV-C Light.

How well did the Afloia Smart Air Purifier perform in our test house?

Over the past two months, we have been testing the Afloia Smart Air Purifier in a real home. The size of the room we used it in was about 500 square feet and had a lot of daily traffic. The device was very easy to use, setup and worked as advertised. It helps us clean the air in the room as well as keep it clean all down. We would get alerts when air quality was not good and Afloia cleaned it. There were pets in the room on occasion and Afloia was able to always keep the air clean.

What we liked about the Afloia Smart Air Purifier was the information in the app. The Afloia Home app will show you in real time both the indoor and outdoor air quality. It also shows you the life left on your filter which is nice. We like how easy it was to setup Auto mode and smart automations, like when the air quality goes to moderate, turn on UV disinfection.

We did find the unit to be rather big but not bulky like other smart air purifiers. We were able to find a nice place for it where it could easily clean the air but not be a distraction in the room. Also, when the fan ran to clean the air, it was rather loud. Actually, louder than any other smart air purifier we tested. Luckily for us, it did not need to run for long times to purify the air in the room. Tip: run the air purifier when not home.

Also, besides Amazon Alexa, there are no other smart home integrations. It would be nice if you could connect your Afloia to your home security system or other smart speaker assistants like Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit enabled devices. Maybe that will happen soon.

a screenshot of linking afloia app with amazon alexa applink Afloia Home app with Amazon Alexa app for voice control of your Afloia Smart Air PurifierGearBrain


Afloia is a good reliable smart air purifier which works with Amazon Alexa enabled devices. It has a unique and effective 4-stage air purification system which works, especially if you have pets. If you live in an apartment or need a good smart air purifier for your dorm room, Afloia is a good choice. This smart air purifier would work well in an office, conference room and big kitchens. But the best part of this smart air purifier is the price. Most smart air purifiers with HEPA filters and can keep the air clean in a room up to 1,500 square feet normally cost over $300 when on sale. Afloia Smart Air Purifier costs only $219.99. We just wished it worked with the other smart voice assistants so more smart home users could enjoy this smart air purifier.


  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • 4-stage air purification system


  • Size (not easy to hide)
  • Works only with Alexa – No Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit integrations
  • Fan is loud when running

Afloia Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Up to 1500 Sq Ft, Smart Air Purifier WiFi Alexa Control PM2.5 Monitor, H13 True HEPA Filter with UV-C Light Cleaner for Allergies Pets Dust Pollen

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