Best of CES 2019: GearBrain names the hottest tech from this year's show

Here are our 14 winners we believe will transform the way you live — and play — this year

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At CES 2019, we hit the hallways, press conferences, booths and convention halls to quiz, question and critique the technology people told us would transform your lives. We made our own decisions, and found 14 services, toys, kitchen gadgets and cars — among other products —that we think are the best the show had to offer.

Whether you're concerned about wasting food, are truly tired of companies tracking your life, or have a parent you're worried about who is living alone, we believe these 14 really do have the potential to shift your life substantially in the coming year. Here are GearBrain's winners of the Best of CES 2019.

Motiv Ring


The Motiv Ring is a smart ring which already tracks your fitness, sleep and heart rate, but an update announced at CES 2019 will use the way you walk to identify you.

Using a gait analysis system called WalkID, the Motiv can identify you with over 90 percent accuracy, which the company says can be used to authenticate you online. Motiv says this will form part of a two-factor authentication system when logging into online services, and that the unique patterns of your heart rate can also be used to identify you.

Such security also means the ring can be used to make NFC payments, as you would with a smartphone or watch today. Motiv says the payments system will come online later in 2019.

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