How to make free phone calls with Google Home

With Wi-Fi and Google's smart home device, free calls are as easy as saying, "Hey Google, call...."

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Google calls Making free calls through Google Home is on its way, according to a new post from Google. The device will tap into Wi-Fi to place calls dialed just by asking aloud, "Hey Google, call..." Google Assistant is the backbone of this new feature, which will even recognize who is placing the call — so if you ring your sister you won't end up chatting with a sister-in-law. Google Home can also place calls to contacts as long as their in the U.S. and Google.

This isn't the first smart device to support free calls. Amazon also allows users to make free phone calls on Echo devices via Alexa Calling. The caveat with Alexa-supported calls is both parties need to have the Alexa App at least on a smartphone. Google Home

Yes, a Google Home device is needed. And for now, the person you're calling will see "No Caller ID." But those with Google Voice (remember that?) or Project Fi can link their accounts to Google Assistant and your girlfriend will know it's you. International phone calls also require one of those two accounts as well. Sound good? Don't just ditch your mobile yet. Emergency calls via 911 aren't going to work.

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