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10 Ultimate Luxury Tech Gifts for the Holidays 2018

These splurge-worthy gifts are sure to impress anyone on your list, from those with an eye for glamour and even the eco-conscious at heart

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Looking for a gift with splash and panache? These high-end goodies are the kind of presents perfect for those looking to pull out all the stops, or others who just wanting to dream a bit. Glitzy, glamorous and the stuff of fantasy, every one of these are sure to surprise and elate anyone lucky enough on your holiday list this year.

The Hermes Apple Watch 4 in an orange leather strapThe Series 4 also includes a new range of Hermes straps and facesHermes

Hermès Apple Watch 4 – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

The new face of the Apple Watch Series 4 is as beautiful as ever — with new designs sure to tempt anyone living the glamorous life. The new Series 4 also features a louder speaker, bigger screen and haptic feedback on the rotating crown. The Hermes edition is an all-steel, cellular watch with different faces in colors combinations including cream, cranberry and pumpkin. There are also numerous leather bands you can select (we're pining for the number featured above.) The Hermes edition ranges from $1,249 to $1,499. (Read GearBrain's review of the Apple Watch Series 4.)

A photo of Apple's iPhone XS Max, which can be wirelessly chargedThe iPhone XS Max also comes in a gold finish GearBrain

iPhone XS Max – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Apple's newest iPhone is more powerful, faster and (yes) more expensive that last year's model. Then again, you're going to pay a pinch more, upwards of $1,449 for the 512GB model. (The stripped down version costs a more modest $1,099.) The iPhone XS Max is wrapped in stainless steel, comes in a gold finish, and can honestly survive a drop into the deepest of swimming pools. A splurge worthy gift that is also, uniquely, useful. (Read GearBrain's review of the iPhone XS Max.)

The Hasselblad X1D cameraThe $10,000 Hassselblad X1D can shoot 1080p images GearBrain

Hasselblad X1D — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Who needs a $10,000 camera when everyone has one in their smartphone? Because the Hasselblad X1D may be one of the most gorgeous cameras on earth. Yes, it's a digital camera but there's a heft and weight to the Hasselblad X1D that makes it a joy to hold — and then of course there are the details like the fact it can shoot HD images at 1080p, and video at 25 fps. A mirrorless camera, the Hasselblad X1D also has physical dials to adjust settings, a viewfinder, and an LCD touchscreen that lets you both see what you've shot, or adjust the camera settings. This is a gift no one will ever think to return. (Read GearBrain's review of the Hasselblad X1D.)

A photo of the Vivint Home Security controller on a wallVivint's home security system starts at about $2800 plus a monthly feeGearBrain

Vivint Home Security – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Vivint's home security system is a very high-end service for those who want someone to walk them through the installation, and make sure everything works, every time. A complete system — similar to what GearBrain installed in their test home — will run about $2800, on top of the $49.99 a month you pay for service. But this is the kind of security where you can honestly close your eyes at night, and truly sleep like a baby. (Read GearBrain's review of Vivint Smart Home Security System.)

The Ohmni Robot in a home in front of a woman seated on a couchThe Ohmni Robot comes in red, black and white colorsOhmni

Ohmni Robot – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Ohmni is the personal home robot that doesn't cook or clean your abode, but does something better: it lets people have a video call, rolling anywhere in your house where you need it to be. Imagine reading a story to your child at night — while they're in bed, or checking in on your grandparents, who are out in the garden planting next summer's crop of daffodils. Ohmni starts at $1,495, and comes in black, white and red. (Read GearBrain's review of Ohmni Robot.)

A DJI Mavic Air drone in red on top of a wooden tableThe DJI Mavic Air has a three-axis gimbal and a 4K cameraGearBrain

DJI Mavic Air — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

The Mavic Air is DJI's newest drone and its most compact yet, folding up so neatly you can slip into a coat pocket. The $799 drone has a three-axis gimbal, 4K camera, a plethora of shooting modes, elements of autonomous flying, and a claimed 20 minutes of flight time. Be honest — you're going to want to gift this to yourself. (Read GearBrain's review of the DJI Mavic Air.)

The Samsung Q8C UltraHD TVThe nearly $5,000 TV from Samsung has a curved 65-inch screen Samsung

Samsung Q8C UltraHD — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

The question is not whether anyone needs a $4,800 TV, but after trying the SamsungQ8C UltraHD TV how anyone could live without one? There's a pair of 20-watt speakers, a curved 65-inch screen, HDR10+, Ultra HD, a host of streaming apps. You also get Samsung's clever One Connect system, and the company's Ambient Mode, which attempts to make the huge black slab of a switched off television blend into your room. This is the king of television sets — and one that will get you on someone's Nice list forever. (Read GearBrain's review of the Samsung Q8C UltraHD TV.)

LG G7 ThinQ smartphoneThe LG G7 ThinQ smartphone starts at $750GearBrain

LG G7 ThinQ – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

For that Android person on your list, the LG G7 ThinQ is sure to delight. This is a phone for music lovers, with a boombox-like speaker, and a sharp camera that shoots truly crisp 10MP images FullVision with a 18:9:9 display, or 16 MP images in standard 4:3 display mode. At $750, it's a stocking stuffer-sized luxury gift that's sure to please. (Read GearBrain's review of the LG G7 ThinQ smartphone.)

Photo of the BMW i3s electric carThe BMW i3 starts at $45,000 GearBrain

BMW i3 – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Meet BMW's electric car that 95 percent recyclable. Of course that's not why you buy a car that starts at $45,000, but it's a nice touch, especially for someone who is environmentally-minded on your list. It is light and airy vehicle, with more space than you could imagine possible from a compact city car — with an infotainment system that's easy to use, and decorative wood touches that are design conscious. The BMW i3 is fun, pretty — and makes one of those statement gifts once it's all wrapped up in their driveway. (Read GearBrain's review of the BMW i3.)

Picture of Apple iPad Pro 11 on a desk next to an iPhone.The iPad Pro has both cellular and Wi-FiGearBrain

Apple iPad Pro – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

The new iPad Pro may finally cross the line into luxe, especially when you add a keyboard and the new stylus designed for the tablet. All kitted out, with Wi-Fi, cellular, maximum storage and the biggest-sized screen, we're got an $2,200 device that's robust enough to replace the laptop. Its got a ludicrously powerful processor, a beautiful design and display and can even recharge your iPhone. (Read GearBrain's review of the 2018 Apple iPad Pro.)

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