Daily Word Wheel game on Google Nest display

'Words With Friends'-styled game is coming to Google Nest devices

A new game that builds off the popularity of Zynga's best known title is coming to Google Nest devices, likely by year end

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Building off the popularity of "Words With Friends," Zynga is bringing a new game to Google Nest devices. Called "Daily Word Wheel," the match-up is more puzzle than game, where people will play themselves to figure out as many word combinations as they can from five letters given to them.

Much like a word generator, the puzzle comes up daily, letting players run through mental gymnastics to fill in anagram-like blanks on a screen with word combinations. Google Nest users will be able to call up the game just by asking Google Assistant, Google's voice-based AI, "Hey Google,' Play 'Daily Word Wheel.'"

Daily Word Wheel is launching on Google Nest deviceswww.youtube.com

Players will be able to enter words by spelling their selections out loud or by using voice commands through Google Nest devices. They'll also be able to ask for hints, can request that their letter bank is shuffled or even get additional instructions on how to play the game.

That means while the game will work on any device that's connected to Google Assistant, including the newly released Nest Audio, Zynga told GearBrain it's designed primarily for the Google Nest Hub and the Google Nest Hub Max, both of which have screens — which allow people to see the letter and word combinations. The company has a similar game, "Word Pop," which is available for Amazon Alexa-based devices.

While you can play Scrabble on mobile devices, "Words With Friends," is a spin on the popular board game, where people play against each other on Android and iOS devices. Released in 2009, there are approximately 170 million registered users of that game as of April 2020, according to Video Game Stats.

Zynga wouldn't give a specific launch date for the Google-based "Daily Word Wheel" when asked, but the company says it is aiming for the game to go live by the holidays.

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