Best of CES 2019: GearBrain names the hottest tech from this year's show

Here are our 14 winners we believe will transform the way you live — and play — this year

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At CES 2019, we hit the hallways, press conferences, booths and convention halls to quiz, question and critique the technology people told us would transform your lives. We made our own decisions, and found 14 services, toys, kitchen gadgets and cars — among other products —that we think are the best the show had to offer.

Whether you're concerned about wasting food, are truly tired of companies tracking your life, or have a parent you're worried about who is living alone, we believe these 14 really do have the potential to shift your life substantially in the coming year. Here are GearBrain's winners of the Best of CES 2019.

Vive Reality System


Following virtual reality has been a true roller-coaster ride. Gaming aside, the way VR would eventually catch on with consumers has never been entirely clear. Even IMAX pulled the plug in December 2018 on its VR Centers. At CES, however, we heard Vive explain how VR will actually become a useful presence in our lives. We've certainly heard about VR shopping before (Ikea and Alibaba have taken a swipe at that already), and the idea of surfing the web in virtual reality is not new either. But Vive laid out a path that started to sync VR into our lives that didn't necessarily involve being jacked into VR headset and playing "Rez Infinite." Instead, we're seeing how we'll use VR to navigate the web, play music, and yes of course, play games. Sure, there's a new consumer VR headset coming from them this year (it's called Cosmos), but it's the vision Vive finally wove that we like, and we think consumers will see too.

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