Best of CES 2019: GearBrain names the hottest tech from this year's show

Here are our 14 winners we believe will transform the way you live — and play — this year

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At CES 2019, we hit the hallways, press conferences, booths and convention halls to quiz, question and critique the technology people told us would transform your lives. We made our own decisions, and found 14 services, toys, kitchen gadgets and cars — among other products —that we think are the best the show had to offer.

Whether you're concerned about wasting food, are truly tired of companies tracking your life, or have a parent you're worried about who is living alone, we believe these 14 really do have the potential to shift your life substantially in the coming year. Here are GearBrain's winners of the Best of CES 2019.

Matrix PowerWatch 2


Battery life is a problem with smartwatches, which often need plugging in every night. The PowerWatch 2 by Matrix does away with this problem by never needing charging; instead, it draws enough energy from the wearer's body heat and a solar panel to never run out of juice.

The original PowerWatch worked in a similar way, but lacked the crucial fitness-tracking features of the second-generation device, which runs Google Fit. With this software onboard, the watch can track your daily steps, exercise, calories burnt and sleep patterns. The new model also features a full color display, and a heart rate monitor.

The PowerWatch 2 will retail for $499 when it goes on sale in the coming months, but investors who pledge through the Indiegogo campaign (which has already reached 500 percent of its goal) will pay just $199.

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