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12 best holiday tech gifts for grandparents this season

These 12 gifts can help grandparents feel more connected to family far and near, while also simplifying the way they live at home

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Grandparents love to give gifts — but getting them is wonderful too. Over the past three years it has been particularly hard to stay in touch with our grandparents due to the pandemic and other market conditions. Even giving a present to help bring them closer to your life has been hard but is something they're sure to adore this year. To help you find the right gift for grandma and grandpa, we have compiled a list of smart tech devices this year which can help spruce up their home, keep you in contact with them and help them stay healthy. They are also easy to install and maintain even if you can't get there to help them setup these devices.

The MeatStick

a photo of MeatStick inserted in a steak on the grillThe MeatStick makes a great gift for grandparents who like to cook.GearBrain

For Grandparents who like to cook, we have a great gift idea, The Meat Stick. This smart colling device is a Wireless Meat Thermometer that monitors the meat’s internal and ambient temperatures throughout the cook via smartphone app. The MeatStick can help Grandma or Grandpa remove the guesswork and achieve perfect meat doneness every time you come over for dinner. We are testing this special smart device and really like how it works.

The Meat Stick can take ambient temp up to 572F and internal temp up to 212F and has an unlimited range with your home Wi-Fi network. Its batteries will last for 24+ hours and it works on not only on a grill / smoker, but can be used in sous-vide, deep fryer, air fryer, and be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The Meatstick comes in a variety of sets which are based on the Wi-Fi range. For limited range, The MeatStick set is only $69.99. For 260 ft range, there is the MeatStick X set which costs $99.99, Next is The MeatStick Xtender set which has a range of 300 feet, comes with a Wi-Fi extender and costs also $99.99. Lastly there is the Wi-Fi Bridge set which has unlimited Wi-Fi range and comes with two MeatSticks, a Wi-Fi bridge, charger and Case. This set costs $199.99 and is available on the company website, Amazon and Walmart.

Cyber Acoustics CA Essential Webcam (WC-3000)

a photo of Cyber Acoustics CA Essential Super HD Webcam on a computer monitorCyber Acoustics CA Essential Webcam (WC-3000) is a great Zoom certified webcam for your grandparents to useGearBrain

Cyber Acoustics CA Essential Webcam (WC-3000). For those grandparents who are tech savvy and know their way around a computer, they need a good webcam for those Zoom calls with family members. We recently tested a webcam from Cyber Acoustics, their CA Essential Webcam (WC-3000) and really liked how it performed. It has a 1080p 5MP super HD camera which provides 2592x1944 high resolution HD video. It comes with an integrated privacy shutter, dual omni-directional surround mics, wide diagonal field of view, universal mount, plug and play USB and is Zoom certified. The cost is only $59.99 and is available on Amazon.

Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe Smart Baby Monitoring System

a photo of hubble connected smart baby monitor on a dresserCheck out the deals for smart baby tech like Hubble Connected Nursery Pal camera for Amazon Prime Day GearBrain

All grandparents should have a smart baby monitor to use when their grandkids sleep over. One to consider is Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe is the perfect smart baby monitor. This smart baby monitoring system comes with an HD camera and separate 5-inch HD color touchscreen display. The display is perfect for your grandchildren to use when not sleeping too. It can function as an interactive viewer with educational games and videos for them to watch when awake. The Hubble Connected system costs only $199.99 and is available on the company website as well as Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, Walmart and Amazon. They do offer HubbleClub monitoring service for $2.99 per month which provides several good features like smart scheduling, video storage and fixed baby zone for monitoring. But you can operate this system without the monthly service. (Read GearBrain’s full review here.)

Meta Portal TV

a photo of Meta Portal TVMeta Portal TV Meta

Meta Portal TV, the perfect smart video calling system for Grandparents. One of the easiest ways to communication with Grandma or Grandpa is through their TV. Meta’s Portal TV is easy to setup, and you can do group calls with members of your family who are on their smartphones or laptops using Messenger, Zoom or even WhatsApp. You can even schedule times with your grandparents to watch a movie together via Portal app.

Meta Portal TV costs only $49.99 and is available on Amazon and Best Buy.

Fieldsheer Mobile Warming Collection

a photo of a woman wearing a smart vest with Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming technology built-inFieldsheer's Mobile Warming Collection includes heated vests which you can control the temperature with an app on your smarphone.GearBrain

Fieldsheer’s Mobile Warming Collection: How would you like a pair of socks or gloves which you can control the heat levels via a mobile app? Fieldsheer has a collection of clothing items including shirts, jackets, gloves, and socks with their Mobile Warming technology built into each item. They are Bluetooth-based, and use a specialized MW Connect smartphone app to control the heat levels. Key advantages their Mobile Warming technology offers over other heated clothing lines includes easy wireless pairing, solid construction, long battery life and the thinnest heating panels on the market.

GearBrain is in the process of testing a few items from their Mobile Warming collection and like what we see. The quality of the jackets and vest are top notch and would make for a great gift for grandma or grandpa. Just check out their full line here. Price varies by type of product, but you can easily spend as little as $80 on a pair of thermal heated unisex socks to as high as $330 for a headed parka.

See full collection here.

Mason by Aura digital frame

mason by aura digital frame on a tabletop You can photos to the Aura by Carver frame from any mobile deviceAura Frames

Photo frames make perfect tech gifts for your grandparents. They can help you see your loved ones all year long and they are easy to operate. GearBrain has tested many of Aura Frames and like how you can easily invite other family members to add images, and even get notified if someone has added new images. Their new smart photo frame is Mason Luxe comes with the company's highest resolution display, support for video/sound, a craftsman inspired frame design, and free, unlimited storage for photos and videos making sharing memories effortless. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. It costs $249 and available in Pebble and Sandstone. You can get on Aura's site . Other Aura Frame models are available on the company website for purchase as well as on Amazon.


Lenovo Smart Clock Gen 2. (Amason Alexa or Google Assistant versions)

Lenovo Smart Clock Gen 2 on a countertop unboxed.Lenovo Smart Clock Gen 2 GearBrain

The Lenovo Smart Clock Gen 2 is a follow up to Lenovo's popular Google Assistant powered smart clock, Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. This 2 Gen version still has the stripped-down retro look but comes with a wireless charging dock instead of charging ports. This makes it easy for your grandparents to easily charge their smartphones at night. The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 also has icons that are easy to read and features you'd expect in a bedside clock like setting an alarm. But this new version does have extra features like voice commands using either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, better speakers, 4-inch touch display with ambient light sensors and powerful microphone which you can muted for privacy. It retails for $89.99 when bundled with the docking station but is currently only $49.99 on Lenovo website. You can also buy it on Best Buy ($44.99) or on Walmart for only $49.89

. If you want just the Smart Alarm Clock 2 with no docking station, it's available for only $39.99.

Buy Here

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell (battery) box on a countertopGoogle Nest Doorbell (Battery) GearBrain

If your grandparents are using Google Assistant enabled devices in their home, the perfect smart video doorbell to get this year is the new Google Nest Doorbell. The Google Nest Doorbell is a battery powered smart video doorbell with all the expected features you need to secure your front or backdoor. It's easy to install and comes with a 1.3-megapixel color sensor, PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor, 6x digital zoom capabilities, a 145-degree field of view (FOV) and 3:4 aspect ratio. The 3:4 ratio is perfect for your grandparents since they don't have to tilt their smartphone to get a full glimpse at the person at your door. They will be able to see the visitor from head to toe on their screen. It costs $179.99 and it comes in four colors (Ash, Ivy, Linen and Snow). This doorbell is available on Best Buy, Walmart, ABT Electronics and other electronic outlets.

Buy on Walmart

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Another good video doorbell to consider this holiday season for grandma and grandpa is Ring Video Doorbell 4, especially if they are using Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Reason: Ring is owned by Amazon and Ring devices work seamlessly with smart displays and speakers with Amazon Alexa voice platform. Ring Video Doorbell 4 is resourceful smart Wi-Fi video doorbell packed with the latest technology and security features to protect your smart home. It features a 1080p HD camera, 160-degree field-of-view (FOV), two-way communication with noise cancellation, a Live View of your doorbell in the free Ring app, color night vision and customizable motion controls. It also works on a Wi-Fi connection using either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz setting. And setup is quick and easy whether you have an existing wired doorbell or not. This smart video doorbell by Ring costs $199.99 and is available on the company website, Amazon, Best Buy, The Home Depot and other consumer electronics stores.

yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum

a photo of yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuumyeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum unboxed GearBrain

Robot Vacuums make great gifts since they are easy to setup and can do one thing well, clean your floors. Some of these smart robot vacuums can vacuum while others just mop. And if you can afford it, there are robot vacuums that can vacuum, mop and self-empty the robot. These are called 3-in-1 systems and normally run $600 and up. But we found one that is affordable and less than $500. It's the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum with Station. This device is a self-emptying vacuum and mop cleaner that can intelligently identify the type of floor to clean and choose the right cleaning method. It has powerful suction (3000Pa), smart mapping and navigation features as well as works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. It costs only $499.99 and is available on Amazon.

yeedi vac 2 pro Robot Vacuum with Authentic Self Empty Station


HelloTech will not only set up an Amazon Echo, but link it to three other smart devices in your homeHelloTech will not only set up an Amazon Echo, but link it to three other smart devices in your home GearBrain

After you've bought your grandparents a new tablet, robot vacuum or TV, consider splurging for the one thing you know they'll definitely need — some tech assistance. HelloTech is a service that lets you make an appointment to have qualified people come to your home to install products, maintain technology or you can get online support. The company does have service plans that start at $69 a year, which includes phone and online support. Users can also get discounts on in-home visits. This is a great gift for your grandparents, especially ones who don't want to leave their home and want the help to come to them.

Contact HelloTech Here

Samsung's The Frame

Samsung The FrameSamsung's The Frame TV looks like artwork when not used Samsung

This is the TV of all TVs, the Samsung The Frame which is designed for watching TV as well as showcasing artwork, making it perfect for any grandparents who live in climates where their backyard is like a second living room. The TV starts at a 32-inch size and goes up, and each screen has QLED HD 4K resolution. Of course it connects to Wi-Fi so you (or your grandparents) can stream Netflix, Apple TV and more. The TV starts at $549.99 for 32" and goest up to $3,499.99 for 85-inch. So this may be one of those gifts where everyone in the family (hello, second cousins) may want to chip in for this big (very big) gift.

Buy Samsung The Frame Here

Nest Audio

Nest AudioNest Audio pushes out full, round sound in a well-designed speaker for just $99 GearBrain

Nest Audio is a good upgrade from the original Google Home, a speaker that first introduced people to the idea of having a smart assistant in their space. It's good a great design, and keenly solid sound quality — music sounds full, round and when put in a location where sound is directed forward, quite clean and bright. For grandparents who have adopted Google Assistant, whether they're Android users or Google Home fans, the new Nest Audio, at $99, is a fun gift this year.

Buy Here

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