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Holiday Shopping Guide for Smart Devices and Homes

GearBrain can help you find, buy and connect smart devices. It can also help you manage all your smart home solutions as well as find the perfect holiday tech gift for your grandparents, parents, best friend or anyone who is building a new connected life.

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Since we are in the middle of the holiday shopping season, we recognize buyers are being bombarded with sales offers and deals for all kinds of products, especially smart ones for your smart home. How do we know? We know because we are one of those sources helping retailers and manufacturers promote their offers. So, to help you with your shopping this holiday season and manage all these deals for smart devices like smart locks, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, smart air purifiers, and more, we have a way to make things easier for you. It's called The GearBrain, our smart marketplace platform for smart devices.

The GearBrain is our proprietary product search engine, which allows you to search for over 4,500 smart devices. Log in with a valid email and start searching for all types of connected products. There is a filtering system that allows you to search for products based on over 300 attributes. This helps narrow your search down to a manageable number of products to research before buying. And when you are ready to buy, we will show you where you can get the product this holiday season. (Note: GearBrain will receive a commission if youpurchasey a product on our platform. The commissions are used to fund our content creation for you.). Below is a video thof that shows hhow use our platform to find a product like smart locks on Amazon faster than when you go right to Amazon and try searching for it.

How GearBrain Helps You Find, Buy a,d Connect Smart Locks Faster Than AmazonIn this video w we demonstrate how GearBrain can make buying smart locks on Amazon easier. We show how our filtering can ...

But The GearBrain can do more than jujust you find and buy smart devices. It can also help you manage your smart home solutions and store vital product information, llike owners manuals, setup guides and arranties. Once logged in, you can ask questions on any product listed. Each product page has a FAQ tab in on which users can post a question. These questions are then answered by our editors and experts who are part of GearBrain's Tech Expert community.

What makes our product search platform unique?

What makes The GearBrain platform unique is its ability to identify compatibility between two or more devices across any ecosystem. Just add your existing smart de,vices to your My Smart Stuff, and you will be able to find other smart devices that are compatible to your devices. For instance, if you own a SimpliSafe smart home security system and Philips Hue Smart lights and want to add smart locks to your system, you can do a search and easily find all the smart locks that are compatible with SimpliSafe and Philips Hue. It's that simple.

Who should use our Ultimate Product Finder for Holiday Shoppers?

If you are overwhelmed by the number of products on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or any other online retailer, you should use The GearBrain this holiday shopping season. It's going to make your shopping experience so much easier. You will be able to narrow down your choices and easily find the right smart device. If you need help, we will assist you in finding any specific smart device, especially if your search comes up with no matching products—something other search engines can't do today.

Happy shopping, and remember we have plenty of holiday shopping guides to help you find the perfect tech gift this year.

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