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The best smart and connected door locks to protect your smart home

High-tech protection for your home and everything inside it when you have any of these smart locks in your smart home.

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A crucial element of today's smart home is security. Smart door locks are available from various companies, including industry veterans like Yale and startups like Level Home. All of these locks perform similarly, adding smartness to your external doors via a connection to your smartphone, smart speaker, and smart home security system connected to the internet.

Once installed, smart locks can be set to unlock as your approach (based on your smartphone's proximity). Many can also be controlled by speaking to a voice assistant like Alexa, and they also work with smart home ecosystems like Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

A common feature is how smart locks can still be used with your existing key. Prices vary from just under $100 to over $300, depending on features, integrations, and design. Some are relatively large, while others are much more compact and can be bought in various finishes to match your door.

Here are 12 options for smart locks to consider this year:

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

A photo of an August smart lock, which works with all three voice assistants

At $279, this smart lock from August works with all three major voice assistants


When you want full control of your front door no matter where you are, the $279 August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is trackable, sharable, and super secure. Paired with their app, you have the ability to connect with all three major voice assistant devices. This smart lock, which GearBrain has reviewed, is easy to use and exceptional in its security. It will lock after you leave and let you in upon return. Works with your single-cylinder deadbolt and installs in an instant.

Read the GearBrain review here

We would also recommend August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This smart lock is the latest and 4th generation August Smart Lock. It works with all voice platforms and comes in two colors: Silver (Satin Nickel) and Matte Black. This smart lock comes with Wi-Fi built-in, so there is no need to use an August Connet, but you can pair it with an August Keypad. It also has Apple Key, allowing you use your Apple Watch to lock and unlock your smart lock. You can also generate guest key codes and monitor who comes and goes. You can pick one up on August site or at Amazon, The Home Depot or Best Buy.

Available on Amazon - August Smart Lock Pro

Available on Amazon - August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Level Bolt

Level Bolt is a smart lock available at Amazon

The Level Bolt invisibly makes your door smarter

Level Home

Created by former Apple engineers, the Level Bolt (formerly known as Level Lock) is a great option if you are invested in Apple's HomeKit smart home ecosystem. Also in the Level Lock's favor is how it takes up very little space and looks like a regular lock. The battery slots into the lock mechanism, making this a near-invisible option.

GearBrain reviewed the Level Bolt and gave it 4/5 stars. We liked how it lets you keep the lock of your existing lock and how easy it was to install. However, at $199, we found it quite expensive, and it is limited to the HomeKit ecosystem, meaning it isn't a lock for those who use Alexa, Google Home, or other smart home systems. It can also be controlled in isolation using the Level app for iPhone and Android.

Read the GearBrain review here

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Level Lock+ Smart Lock

a photo of someone using Apple iPhone to unlock Level Lock+ smart lock on a door.Use your iPhone to unlock Level Lock+ smart lock.Level

Another option from Level Home is their new smart lock, Level Lock+ Smart Lock. This new smart lock looks just like the Level Touch. It boasts a compact design that does an excellent job hiding its technology while being touch-sensitive. However, the Level Lock+ can work with Apple HomeKit because it integrates with their revolutionary technology, Apple home keys. What does this mean? Your iPhone is now your key for your door lock. Just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock for easy and secure access to your smart home.

The lock keeps your existing key and can be used like any other lock that isn't integrated with the handle. You can also enter by touching the lock (and having your iPhone nearby), using a voice command, or with the included programmable keycard. The Level Lock+ is available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black. It is exclusively sold in all US Apple stores and online at Apple's website for $329

As with the Level Touch, Level Lock+ can be paired with Level Keypad to add an additional entry option to your smart home.

Read more from GearBrain here.

Available on Apple

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze Smart Lock

The Wyze Smart Lock is priced at $99.99


Wyze has a habit of undercutting the competition with its products, and its first smart lock is no different, with a price of $99.99. Although not as subtle as options from Level Home, August and others, the Wyze Smart Lock has many of the same features as its rivals, but at a much lower price.

These features include door position detection, so the lock knows if the door has been left ajar, as well as if it is locked or not. There's also voice control via Amazon Alexa, with Google Assistant support coming soon, and the design of the lock means you can continue to use your existing key. Remote access is via the Wyze smartphone app (iOS and Android), and access can be granted (and revoked) to more users remotely, via the app. Zigbee support is also included, and Wyze sells an optional keypad for $19.99.

Available on Amazon

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

A photo of Danalock smart lock, which can be programmed to lock the door behind you

This smart lock from Danalock can be programmed to lock the door behind you.


With access from afar, auto-unlock, and monitoring via app, Danalock V3 Smart Lock is a wireless smart lock, one GearBrain reviewed, priced about $230, which you can program from your smartphone and grant access to others you trust. When you step inside your home, program Danalock to lock the door behind you, so you never forget to protect your home and everything in it. A sleek design and smart functionality makes Danalock adaptable and elegant.

Read the GearBrain review here

Available on Amazon

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

A photo of the Schlage Sense smart lock, which can be picked up for about $166\u200b

The Schlage Sense smart lock can be picked up for about $166


A smart deadbolt means your home's security is in your control. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt works with an app or with the sensible touchscreen to offer more protection than a basic deadbolt could ever provide. Manage settings, access, and more as you monitor your doorway from your smartphone with this smart lock, which GearBrain reviewed. Add the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter and connect to your home network in no time. No keys, no problem with this smart lock, which you can pick up for about $166 from retailers.

Read the GearBrain review here

Available on Amazon

Yale Assure Lock 2

a photo of Yale Assure Lock 2 on a doorOn a Yale Assure Lock 2 Touchscreen, users have to push the Yale logo to activate the lock.GearBrain

A touchscreen keypad and smart home compatibility make Yale Real Living Assure Lock a breeze, free of keys, and full of peace of mind. The lock, which GearBrain reviewed, runs about $259.99 for a touchscreen and $239.99 for Keypad with Wi-Fi. It is ideal for families as you can share access with a big family and friends, creating private pin codes for entry when you're not around. It also comes with a Yale Network Module, which can help make your lock compatible with your home alarm system for a second layer of security. You need to know which wireless protocol (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Matter, or Bluetooth) your system works with to keep you safe 24/7. The Network Module will allow you to control your lock from anywhere and know your home is in good hands.

Read the GearBrain review here

Available on Amazon

Schlage Encode and Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

a photo of Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever lock on a front doorSchlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever Lock comes in two trim sizes and four level styles.Schlage

Lock your home with the strength of a deadbolt paired with modern technology accessible from your smartphone. The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt, priced at many retailers at $250, and the latest Schlage Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt lock are good smart locks to consider this year. Both come with convenient one-touch locking, shared access if desired, and built-in Wi-Fi for superior security and a constant connection. The Encode lock works with the newly updated Schlage Home app — which lets you pair the device to Google Assistant devices — and snaps into your door in seconds. Pair with a Key by Amazon and Alexa and use voice control to unlock or lock from anywhere.

The company's latest smart lock, Encode Plus, works with Apple home keys. Easily lock and unlock your door using your Apple Watch, iPhone, and HomeKit, plus seamlessly manage codes using the Schlage Home app. The app will also help you set up automation with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Both smart locks are available in the same styles and finishes: Camelot, a traditional design, and Century, a more modern option for smart homeowners. And you can pick them up in-store or online from The Home Depot, Lowe's, and Amazon.

Available on Amazon

Lockly Secure Pro

A photo of the Lockly Secure Pro has a deadbolt or latch built into the smart lock

The Lockly Secure Pro has a deadbolt or latch built into the smart lock


Now available via pre-order, the $299 Lockly Secure Pro is designed for a deadbolt or latch and claims to provide the "highest level of security available on the market today," the company states. Control with your smartphone and access from anywhere with its PIN Genie Technology. Wireless door sensors also know when your door is left ajar, sending you the status to keep you safer. Pair with Alexa for voice control capabilities you can count on when needed.

Read the GearBrain review here

Available on Amazon

Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock - Combo Smart Lock and Video Doorbell

a photo of Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart LockLockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock Review, A 2-in-1 security device for Smart Homes


For those who don't have room for a video doorbell in your entryway but want one, Lockly has a product for you. It's called Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock.

Lockly Vision Elite is a smart deadbolt lock with a built-in HD security camera that functions as a video doorbell. It has a full HD video camera with 1920 x 1080p video resolution, a motion sensor with false alert prevention AI technology, night vision up to 15 feet away, and 2-way audio. It offers multiple ways to control your lock. You can lock and unlock using your finger (fingerprint scanner), keypad, key, and voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Lockly Vision Elite costs $449 and is available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black. It's sold only at Best Buy.

Buy on Best Buy

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock

a photo of Halo touchHalo Touch Fingerprint Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LockGearBrain

Another biometric smart lock to consider is the new Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock. This new Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock from Kwikset is advanced and easy to use — no smart home hub is required, only a Wi-Fi router and smartphone. Monitor from anywhere and get alerts whenever your door is opened without your knowledge. This smart lock is a high-quality biometric smart device with ANSI/BHMA Grade AAA certification, the highest residential security certification you can get in a smart door lock. It also has a 20-minute fire rating and SmartKey Security.

However, the best feature of this smart lock is the multiple ways to lock and unlock the Halo Touch. Most smart locks come with two or three ways to lock and unlock the device. Halo offers four ways: touch, voice, app, and key. The lock costs $249 and is available online at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and It’s also available at retail. You can check the Kwikset site for a retailer nearest your location.

Read the GearBrain review here.

Available on Amazon

Nest x Yale

A photo of the Nest x Yale smart lock, which works with Google Assistant, opening the door with just your voice\u200b

The Nest x Yale smart lock works with Google Assistant, opening the door with just your voice


Nest and Yale have combined their strengths to create a deadbolt key-free smart lock that makes sense. Connect to the Nest app and use the power of voice control with Google Assistant, and the Nest x Yale will be your home's safety measure made modern. Use your app to let anyone in from anywhere, create passcodes for trusted friends and family, and get alerts when someone's at your door, no matter where you're located. Check your lock's status at any time and live worry-free 24/7. This $228 smart lock connects via your Wi-Fi for convenience.

Available on Amazon

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