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Holiday 2022 gift ideas for Apple HomeKit users

Smarten up their Apple HomeKit system with these connected products that will work inside and outside your smart home.

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Apple HomeKit might not be as popular as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but it still offers a complete smart home system for iPhone users, with automation, Siri voice control, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Plus, buying for a HomeKit user is thankfully quite simple. Apple has a dedicated page on its website highlighting devices that are HomeKit compatible, and the retail boxes have a 'Works With Apple HomeKit' sticker on them. And you can always use our free compatibility find engine, The GearBrain to find compatible devices that work with your Apple HomeKit enabled products.

Categories of HomeKit accessories include air conditioners and purifiers, security cameras, doorbells, fans, garage doors, lights, locks, switches, and other smart home equipment.

Here are some top options for HomeKit gifts for the 2022 holiday season:

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd gen)Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) Apple

A good holiday gift for your Apple loving friends or family member are the new second gen Apple AirPods Pro. AirpPods Pro (2nd Gen) are comfortable, pocket-friendly wireless, noise-cancelling, health tracking earphones. These earphones come with the recognizable AirPods design with flossy white finish. They have an IPX4 water resistance rating and come with a USB-C to Lighting cable. Setup is simple if you have an iPhone running iOS 14 or newer. AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) cost $249 but this holiday shopping season we expect to see Black Friday and CyberMonday deals for these new AirPods Pro as well as the original AirPods Pro (1st Gen).

To learn more about Apple AirPods Pro, feel free to reach our full review here.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

a photo of Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard for Mac (Blueberry)Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard for Mac (Blueberry) GearBrain

A modern keyboard with laptop-like typing in a minimalist layout, the K380 Multi-Device keyboard beautifully integrates with your Apple setup and works seamlessly across your Apple devices. Available in the new Blueberry color, this lightweight, space-saving keyboard allows for the comfort and convenience of desktop-style typing wherever you are, at home or on the road. The scooped keys provide smooth and ultra-quiet typing and connect via Easy-Switch with a touch of a button to your MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

Cost of K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac is only $39.99 and available on Amazon.

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Apple TV 4K 128GB (3rd generation)(Latest Model) - Wi-Fi + Ethernet

a photo of Apple TV 4K 3rd gen streaming media stickApple TV 4K (3rd Gen) with Wi-Fi and EithernetApple

The new Apple TV 4K (3 Gen) is a perfect gift for any Apple user who needs a good compatible media streaming device. It comes with the Siri Remote, 4K high frame rate HDR10+, new A15 Bionic chip, Dolby Atmos Sound capabilities to deliver a true cinematic experience no matter if you are watching a sporting event or a movie. You also get access to content from Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and live channels from Hulu, YouTube TV and Sling TV. This new Apple Streaming device can also act as a hub for all your Apple HomeKit compatible devices. The new Apple TV 4K with Wi-Fi costs $129 for 64GB version and $149 for 128GB Apple TV 4K with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. And they are available for pre-order on Best Buy, Walmart and Apple.

For the holiday season, we expect there will be deals on the original Apple TV 4K. We found Best Buy selling Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen) 32GB for $119.99 and $139.99 for 64GB. The biggest difference between 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen is the chips,. storage capacity and wireless connections. The 3rd Gen comes with the Siri built-in and can connect to your home Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. It also has Thread networking support and is Matter compatible. Matter is the new wireless protocol which makes it easy for you to have smart devices work together. (You can learn more about Matter.)

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Apple Watch 7 or 8 Series

a photo of a series of Apple Watch 8Apple Watch 8 Series Apple

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a durable smartwatch from Apple and was a great gift last year. And we think still a great gift for any Apple user, especially if they are looking for a good fitness tracker. But the new Apple Watch 8 comes with a bigger and brighter face and a must of have Apple users. It has advanced sensors and works on the new watchOS 9 operating system. The watch is durable, dust proof and swim proof. It’s made of 100% recycled material and like other Apple Watches, has a health sensor which can track your blood, heart rate using ECG and now a woman’s menstrual cycle in real time. Plus you get Crash Detection. The cost of the Apple Watch 8 varies by model. The Apple Watch 8 Series (GPS) starts at $399 and the Series 8 (GPS + Cellular) costs $529. They are available on Apple's site as well as Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and carrier's websites. If you want an Apple Watch 7, they are available for less on Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and your cellular carrier sites.

Smart Home Systems for Apple Lovers

If you have to get a gift for a friend looking to start building a smart home or apartment, there are two companies we would recommend you consider: Eve Home and Aqara. GearBrain has tested products from these two companies over the past two years and found their products are ideal for Apple HomeKit users. They also will have products that are Matter compatible. Here is a look at what devices you can get from these smart home systems:

Eve Home

Photo of Den with Eve Light Strip Turned onEve Light Strip Turned on GearBrain

Eve has a full line of smart devices that work with Apple HomeKit. They integrate nicely to the HomeKit app and you can use voice commands with Siri to control each device. We have tested many of their devices including the Eve Light Strip which you can see the effects they offer in the image above. We just recently finished testing Eve Aqua (3rd Gen), their new smart water controller and liked what we saw. (Available on Amazon for $149.95). All of their products are Apple HomeKit-enabled devices that work on the Thread ecosystem and soon Matter. Here are devices that would make good gifts this holiday season for your Apple loving friend or family member:

Aqara Smart Home

Aqara Camera Hub G2H, Motion Sensor and vibration sensor on an end table.Aqara Home devices are small and easy to hide, but can still protect your smart home. GearBrain

If looking to build a DIY smart home security system based on Apple HomeKit ecosystem, check out Aqara. They have smart hubs that double as security cameras. We tested their hubs and cameras this year and found the company offers tons of smart devices that can work together to make your home smart. There are no monthly fees or costs. The hubs come in all shapes and sizes which gives you options on how you want to control all your devices. And they are easy to install and work with Apple HomeKit devices and will work on the new Matter protocol. As a gift, any of the following will help your Apple friends get started with building their smart home system.

Smart lighting for Apple Lovers

If looking to give your friends who use Apple devices smart lights, there are two companies you should consider this holiday season, Philips Hue and Nanoleaf. Both companies make smart lights and lighting systems that are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri. Here are a few devices that would make good gifts.

Philips Hue starter kit

Philips Hue starter kitHue starter kit includes three color bulbs, hub and dimmer switchSignify

Smart lighting makes for a great gift, especially if the recipient is yet to start building their own system. We say this because some systems, like Philips Hue, require a hub to connect the lights to your router (and onwards to the Home app). A starter kit that includes the necessary hub, plus four light bulbs that can be made any color, temperature and brightness, is the perfect place to get started with smart lighting.

All Hue products work with Apple HomeKit. This means you can control them using the Home app or by speaking to Siri. You can also create Siri Shortcuts to control whole groups of lighting at once, and iOS puts some convenient buttons in the Command Center for easy control.

Read the GearBrain guide to smart lighting here

Nanoleaf lighting

Nanoleaf modular smart lightingNanoleaf modular smart lightingNanoleaf

If you want to gift some smart lighting with more character, we recommend Nanoleaf. Instead of regular bulbs and light strips, Nanoleaf systems are made up of geometric shapes that can be fitted together in an almost limitless way. Square and triangular light panels are available, and you can add as many as you like to create a statement piece for your wall.

Read the GearBrain guide to home office inspiration here

Starter Kits on sale at Amazon

Wemo Mini

Wemo smart plugWemo smart plugs work with Apple HomeKitWemo

Smart plugs are always a good option for smart home gifts, as they bring iPhone and Siri control control to a huge range of otherwise unconnected devices. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug currently costs only $24.99 and available on Amazon or Belkin website.

This smart plug works with Alexa and Google Home, as well as Apple HomeKit, Siri and now Thread, so you can control them from the HomeKit app or by speaking to the Apple voice assistant. Plug in a fan, heater or other non-smart device, and it can now be controlled remotely. If you're HomeKit system has a hub (an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad connected to the home Wi-Fi network) then these plugs can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Read the GearBrain review here

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Smart Locks compatible with Apple Home Kit

There are several good smart locks for you to give as a holiday gift for your Apple friend. One company, Level makes three very good and distinct smart locks for Apple HomeKit users. Here are the three we would recommend you consider as a gift this holiday season.

Level Lock+

a photo of a Apple Watch unlocking Level Lock+ smart lockUse your Apple Watch to unlock Level Lock+ smart lock Level

The Level Lock+ is the newest smart lock to hit the market from Level. This smart lock was made in tandem with Apple and seamlessly integrates with the revolutionary technology of Apple home keys. This new technology allows you to use your iPhone as the key for the door lock. Just simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock for easy and secure access to your smart home.

This smart lock has a sleek design and comes with the same advanced tech as Level Lock - Touch Edition, but now with home keys support which is not available with any other Level smart lock. It costs $329 and is available on Apple site.

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Level Bolt

Level Bolt smart lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit.The Level Bolt invisibly makes your door smarterLevel Home

Created by a group of former Apple employees, the Level Bolt is a smart lock that hides all of its components inside your door. As such, it looks like a regular key-operated lock, and takes up far less space than larger options from the likes of August.

Battery powered, the lock opens and closes as you approach and walk away, and works with Apple HomeKit, so you can control it (and check on its status) using the Home app. Its makers say the lock can last a year on a single CR2 battery, and if this runs out you can unlock it using your existing key.

Simple to install, the Level Bolt needs only a Phillips screwdriver, and because it works with the existing key, it's also more landlord-friendly than some other smart lock options.

Read the GearBrain review here

Level Home - Touch Edition

Level Home - Touch Edition smart lockLevel Home announces Level Touch, a new advanced smart lock Level Home

Also from Level Home is the HomeKit-friendly Level Home - Touch Edition, a smart door lock that is just as subtle as the lock shown above, but includes touch sensitivity as one way of locking and unlocking it.

With Level Home - Touch Edition, the technology is thoughtfully hidden, offering smart home conveniences in an elegant and timeless lock design. With Level Touch, keys are optional - you can enter and exit in any way that is most convenient for you, with the touch of a finger, using your voice or even an included programmable keycard. All of this while maintaining the highest level of residential security of any smart lock to date.

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini and the iPhone 12A third HomePod could sit along the original and new mini (pictured) Apple

Available from November 16, the all-new HomePod Mini is a smaller and far more affordable version of Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker. It costs just $99, putting it in direct competition with the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) and new Nest Audio by Google.

The HomePod Mini can act as a HomeKit hub, just like the larger model, so when this speaker is on your Wi-Fi network you can interact with your HomeKit devices when away from home, through the Home app for iPhone and iPad.

Available in black and white, the HomePod Mini promises 360-degree, room-filling sound and the same levels of Siri intelligence as other Apple products. If you have more than one HomePod (or HomePod Mini), they can be used as a home intercom system.

Read the GearBrain review here.

On Sale at Walmart

Brilliant Smart Home Controller

Brilliant Smart Home ControlBrilliant smart home control system Brilliant

The Smart Home Control by Brilliant is an all-in-one, wall-mounted controller for lights, music, climate, door locks and security cameras. There's a screen for viewing live security camera feeds (and checking who just rang the doorbell), plus controls for your smart home devices, and touch controls for quickly adjusting the lights.

Available in a range of different colors and configurations, the Brilliant device works with Apple HomeKit, so you can adjust anything connected to the controller using either the Home app or by speaking to Siri.

It's expensive for a switch, but placing one of these on the wall is guaranteed to make any room feel like it's from a home of the future.

Read the GearBrain review here.

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Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door OpenerThe MyQ Garage Door Opener by Chamberlain works with Siri and HomeKitChamberlain

With this device from Chamberlain you can ask Siri to open and close your garage door, or configure your HomeKit system so that the door is controlled when you activate a certain scene in the Home app. To keep your home secure, Touch ID or Face ID verification is required when asking Siri to open the door.

The MyQ garage door opener is also compatible with Amazon Key, allowing couriers to deliver packages to your garage, then lock the door again behind them. But the best part is it costs only $29.99 on amazon Today. We expect this price will get lower on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

Read the GearBrain review here

Check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility checker to see the other compatible products that work with Apple HomeKit platform.

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