Luxury Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Luxury Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Wow friends and family with these presents perfect for anyone who is tough to impress

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Do you have a friend or family member in your life who deserves an over-the-top gift this holiday season? For the lucky person on your "good list," go the extra mile and delight them with one of our luxury tech picks for their present this year. They are not only unique but, in some cases, a glimpse into the future. Gifts like these are extra-special and will be appreciated beyond compare. If you've got the funds and the holiday spirit, you may be more popular than Santa this year.

Hermès Apple Watch 3: High-End + High-Tech – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


The Apple Watch 3 is cutting edge as is, with built-in cellular technology, heart monitoring, and phone capabilities, but when teamed up with the luxury of Hermès, high-end and high-tech become an elite union. The handcrafted leather bands and additional Apple-designed face make this watch timeless, yet modern. Depending on the style selected, prices run from $1,199 to $1,399.

iPhone X: Facial ID + Futuristic Features – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X is an ultra tech holiday gift that has everyone buzzing. With an all-glass, yet super-durable design, wireless charging, new facial recognition technology, an edge-to-edge OLED screen, and iOS 11 emoji, this elite smartphone is an ultra tech gift that will have your recipient speechless. And if you're spending this much, adding a wireless charger and a case designed just for the this 10th anniversary iPhone only pads out your spend by a pittance — but make your seriously luxe gift complete. The iPhone X starts at $999 and goes up to $1,149.

Pixel 2 XL — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


While the Pixel 2 XL may not have the punch of the iPhone X, this smartphone still carries a lot of panache. Both its front and rear cameras are, frankly, extraordinary, with photography experts ranking the images taken with the Pixel 2 XL higher than the iPhone X. (Yes, really.) There's also a Snapdragon 835 processor and the device opens lightning fast — which, at $849 — it should.

Tesla Model 3: Electric Driving with Style – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


Tesla Model 3 is not your average car and that is exactly what makes it an ultra tech holiday gift that anyone with a fat wallet can afford to splurge on for that special someone. With self-driving technology and 360-degree cameras throughout the vehicle, this car is futuristic, fast, and fun. With the highest safety rating scores in every category and 220 miles of range, Tesla Model 3 will drive your recipient wild with on-the-road action that is guaranteed to stop traffic. Cost is $35,000 before extras.

The Flying Hovercraft: Gliding High – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Hammacher Schlemmer is known for its over-the-top catalogue, and the holiday season brings out the big spenders who want to make an impression on friends and family. For those with deep pockets, the $190,000 The Flying Hovercraft is a gift that won't soon be forgotten and certainly won't be re-gifted. This amazing piece of machinery glides over water and launches into the air at speeds up to 70 mph. Whether in fresh- or saltwater, over sand, mud, grass, ice, or snow, this hovercraft can operate through a variety of conditions with durability and delight. And if $190,000 isn't too much for you to spend, get your gift personalized for even more holiday cheer (and cash).

Samsung’s The Frame: Television as Art — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


Surely there's a television-watcher on your holiday gift list. But what about the art-lover who appreciates creativity and design? Samsung's The Frame combines the entertainment of great television with the beauty of art as its screen transforms into artwork when not in use. Samsung paired up with designer Yves Behar to elegantly transform the 4K Ultra HD picture into "Art Mode" after the user is finished binge-watching their favorite shows. Select from landscapes, patterns, still life, wild life, and more. Your gift recipient will be staring at the wall all day, yet never become bored. The 65" Class The Frame 4K UHD TV costs $2,779.99.

Kuri Robot: Cheerful Home Companion — Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Kuri robot mayfield robotics


Innovation meets adorable when Kuri Robot makes its way into the heart and home of your gift recipient this holiday season. With a humanistic approach to design, Kuri is adored by children and appreciated by adults. Kuri, built with cameras and speakers, can explore the home, avoiding obstacles and greet you in the morning with a modern wake-up call. He has facial-recognition technology and responds to voice commands yet speaks robot language. Use Kuri to listen to music or audiobooks, play bedtime books for the kids, connect to videos, and more. Pre-order this relatable and rewarding robot now with a $100 deposit and pay $699 plus tax and shipping later when Kuri is released next spring. And for those who order before December 4, Kuri is sending out a plush Kuri robot and a book all about the prototype in time for the holidays — to give them something to open this year. (Check out our Holiday Tech Gifts Ideas for Kids Gift Guide for more selections for teens, tweens and children of all ages.) *Editors Note: Kuri has been discontinued since this was published

DJI Inspire 2 Pro: Drone to Rival Santa’s Sleigh – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


You may have loved the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 drone for its camera and ease of use, but make way this holiday season for the DJI Inspire 2 Pro, on sale for $2,999.99. Able to reach 50 mph in a super-speedy five seconds, this drone records at up to 5.2K and has a flight time that lasts up to 27 fun-filled minutes thanks to its dual-battery system. DJI Inspire 2 Pro can detect obstacles up to 30 meters ahead for protection while using in enclosed areas. Intelligent flight modes, a smart return to home, and increased reliability make DJI Inspire 2 Pro a drone that never fails to impress.

Flying Fire Breathing Dragon: GOT Fan Fantasy – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Not too many toys cost a whopping $60,000, but leave it to Hammacher Schlemmer to offer a remote-controlled jet-powered dragon that makes for an ultra tech holiday gift sure to impress even the most diehard "Game of Thrones" fanatic. The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon can travel at speeds up to 70 mph, lets out a propane-powered flame and has an engine powerful enough to soar for a full 10 minutes while keeping the 40lb. dragon airborne. Dragons may be make-believe, but any GOT fan will be fired up for this jet-powered present.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon: Timeless Style – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is known for high-end, ultra-luxe fashion, but when paired with Android-smart technology, it istime for fashion and function to merge in the form of a smart watch, the Tambour Horizon. With six different stylish versions to choose from, 60 strap options for men and women and a 22-hour battery, there is a watch for nearly anyone on your holiday gift list… if you're feeling extra-generous this year. Connect this water-resistant watch QR code with the LV Pass app, create an account, unlock exclusive watch faces, and get high-tech right on your wrist. Price starts at $2,450.

LG Signature Wallpaper TV: Wafer-Thin – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


While most holiday gifts are covered in wrapping paper, one of the most exciting tech gifts of the season is in the form of wallpaper… a wallpaper TV, that is, from LG Signature. Thin as a sheet of cardboard at just 0.15 inches, the state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD OLED television set can be stuck to the wall for sleekness never seen yet from a TV screen. The intense color, active HDR with Dolby Vision, and two giant sizes to select from, this flat-as-can-be TV will make every show a showstopper. The 77" set costs $14,999.99 and the 65" is $6,999.99.

Breitling Exospace B55: High-Tech Wonder – Luxury Tech Holiday Gift


A watch with app connectivity, modern design, and SuperQuartz movement is what Breitling Exospace B55 is all about. If you have a loved one who deserves something special on their wrist, this watch offers smartphone connectivity, a crisp LCD display and dynamic backlighting, plus a durable titanium case. The $8,685 watch was tailor-made for pilots, but your gift recipient will be over the moon no matter their profession once they find this gem in their stocking.

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