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Top smart thermostats to automate the heating and lower your bills in 2024

Smart Wi-Fi enabled thermostats work autonomously to keep you warm (or cool) and use less energy

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A smart thermostat can help lower your energy bills by automating the heating and cooling of your home. Some do this by learning how you use them for the first few days, then take control, making small changes that you might not notice but will lower your energy use. Others use sensors to determine which rooms are being used and which aren't, so energy isn't wasted on heating or cooling an empty and unused room. But whichever smart thermostat you choose, make sure to check if it requires a C-wire. Most smart thermostats do require a C-Wire, but many manufacturers don't mention it until after you buy the device and are setting it up in your smart home. If you don't have a C-wire, you can buy a C-wire adapter.

The 6 Best Smart Thermostats for Any Smart Home in

With a Wi-Fi connection, smart thermostats can be controlled via a smartphone app, and many also tap into smart home automation platforms like IFTTT (If This, Then That) and Apple's Siri-controlled HomeKit. Many can be controlled by speaking to Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants or be left to work automatically as you enter and exit your home (by knowing the location of your smartphone).

Nest is arguably the most popular name in the smart thermostat market. Before being bought by Google, Nest was founded by Tony Fadell, a former Apple engineer who is widely regarded as the father of the original iPod.

But there are many alternatives. Some come from seasoned home heating companies; others are the offsprings of startups fighting for a slice of the smart home cake.

With the summer ending and cooler weather on its way, here are the top smart thermostats to lower your energy bills in 2024:

Nest Learning Thermostat - Best Learning Thermostat for Any Smart Home

Product photo of Nest Learning ThermostatNest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

The Learning Thermostat from Nest is one of the most popular


The third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is here with a bigger display, better features, and can detect temperature differences from farther away.

It's not just the hardware but also the technology behind this thermostat that makes this Nest Thermostat so compelling. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation will learn your habits and adjust the temperature to match, and Nest's new connected home platform promises further integration with other smart home gadgets.

The third-generation Nest is about the same size as the previous version: a brushed stainless-steel ring 3.3 inches in diameter and 1.26 inches thick. The weighty feel is excellent, especially when turning the dial. It just feels correct.

Nest has introduced a slew of new functions that are gradually being rolled out to earlier generations of the product. Nest also integrates with other smart home platforms, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. For example, you can automatically use the Auto-schedule feature to have your Nest learn your preferred temperatures and then program itself. You can also set up an auto-away mode that lowers the temperature when it detects that you aren't at home. In addition, if your furnace's shutoff patterns appear unusual, the Furnace Heads-Up feature will let you know.

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The optional $39 Nest Temperature Sensor helps you tell the thermostat how you like the heating in a particular room. With multiple sensors, you can put one in each room, and use them to tell the Nest how you like the temperature (and when), and the thermostat will do the rest.

Nest Learning Thermostat works with Google Assistant-enabled devices which allows it to seamlessly integrate with other home gadgets. The smoother functioning and smarter display will make you love the product just as much as we do.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is available in seven colors: polished steel, mirror black, brass, stainless steel, white, black, and copper. The thermostat costs only $249.99 and is available in Google Store, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Walmart, and most home improvement stores.

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Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control - Best Thermostat with Alexa Built-in

Photo of the Ecobee4 smart thermostatecobee 3 smart thermostat

Extra sensors tell the thermostat the temperatures of various rooms throughout the home


The Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control ($249) is the company's fifth-generation product, and it adds more capabilities to the Ecobee4, as is typical with each new edition. This thermostat has features like Enhanced Alexa and multimedia support, powerful audio components, dual-band Wi-Fi, and more. This can be accessed through a compatible and user-friendly app and extended third-party support.

At first look, the Smart thermostat With Voice Control appears to be identical to the Ecobee4. The glossy black screen/bezel over a white enclosure is identical to the previous models. The new thermostat's glass screen covers the 3.5-inch, 480-by-320-pixel color touch display, which you wouldn't realize from looking at. The two digital microphones on either side of the screen are hidden by holes that cover a pair of digital microphones with echo cancellation and more complex audio processing than the analog mics in the Ecobee4.

The Ecobee includes a single remote room SmartSensor, which helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout your house, especially in rooms distant from the thermostat. It is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 4GB of flash memory, and 512MB of DDR4 RAM. In addition, there are temperature, humidity, proximity, occupancy sensors, and far-field voice technology inside.

So, if you are hard-pressed to get a thermostat loaded with features like these, Ecobee is the one for you.

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Honeywell's Smart Color Thermostat with Wi-Fi - Smart Thermostat with Extra Savings

A photo of the Honeywell Smart Thermostat with Wi-Fi Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Tie the Honeywell Smart Thermostat with Wi-Fi to your local utility for extra savings.


The Honeywell's Smart Color Thermostat with Wi-Fi is a solid thermostat that can tie into your local utility company to help you save money. At about $200, you can often pick one up for less. Features include a vacation mode and a design element that lets you change the screen to match the wall color.

Honeywell also has a marketplace section so that you can search for deals with your electric company — in our review; we found savings of up to $85 plus credits on our bill. That's helpful and can offset the cost of the actual device.

The smart thermostat also works with a wide range of systems and networks, including Alexa, Google Nest Home, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Yonomi, Samsung SmartThings, and Logitech's Harmony Hub. That makes this a versatile smart thermostat, allowing you to work with the platform you prefer.

Honeywell Smart Thermostats are available on Amazon

Ecobee3 Lite - Best Affordable Smart Thermostat

" target="_blank">photo of ecobee3 lite smart thermostat on a wallAdditional sensors can help tell the Ecobee3 lite the temperature in other rooms​Ecobee

Like Nest sells the cheaper, more straightforward Thermostat E, Ecobee offers the 3 Lite as a more affordable alternative to the Ecobee SmartThermostat.

Despite the lower price, the ecobee3 lite can be controlled by your iPhone or Android smartphone (or Apple Watch), works with the Ecobee room sensors to only heat the rooms you are using, and aims to reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 23 percent annually.

The Ecobee3 lite uses local weather forecasts to use as little energy as possible to heat your home; if sunshine is on its way, it will hold off on powering up the boiler. As with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, this model works with many smart home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

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Nest Thermostat - Best Smart Thermostat for Homes with Google Assistant Devices

Nest Thermostat color options

14 smart home devices to save you money in 2022


The Nest Thermostat is an electronic, programmable, and Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat that is easy to set up if you have a C-Wire or replacing an existing smart thermostat. (Note: smart thermostats like Nest need a C-Wire to work with your HVAC system, especially if it is a high voltage system (120V or 240V HVAC).) You only need a Google account, a Google Home app, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Nest comes with a faceplate, which necessitates the installation of a thermostat. The 3.3-inch screen on the thermostat displays the current temperature and a countdown clock to the following temperature change. The interface is straightforward to use and seamlessly works with various functions and features.

It immediately shows the cooling and heating temperature when the thermostat is installed. Several default settings work on the thermostat until you adjust the temperature. The thermostat maintains any temperature you choose without requiring your intervention, similar to a regular thermostat on the first day. Installation of the thermostat will render the energy-saving function of the Nest thermostat inaccessible. The Nest thermostat will take at least one week to adjust all features for your property. When each feature is completed, a notification will appear on the screen.

The Nest Thermostat works with the Google Assistant ecosystem, which includes a plethora of smart home devices that interact and collaborate. These include indoor and outdoor security cameras, a video doorbell, a smoke detector, a Wi-Fi router, an alarm system, Nest smart speakers, and displays powered by the Google Assistant voice platform. For example, you can use voice commands with a Nest Hub Max smart display or Nest Audio smart speaker.

The Nest Thermostat is available in four colors: Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal. The thermostat costs only $129.99 and is available in Google Store, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and most home improvement stores.

Nest Thermostat On Sale at Walmart

Sensi Smart Thermostat - Best No C-Wire Required Smart Thermostat

a photo of Sensi Smart Thermostat

Sensi Smart Thermostat does not require a C-Wire


​Are you looking for a DIY-installed smart thermostat that doesn't require a C-wire? Emerson's Sensi Smart Thermostat is one for you to consider. This smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that allows you to remotely control your home's temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is also compatible with popular smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

The Sensi Smart Thermostat is easy to install and program. Most systems do not require a common wire (c-wire), and the Sensi app provides step-by-step instructions for installation and programming.

The Sensi Smart Thermostat can help you save energy and money on your heating and cooling bills. It features a variety of energy-saving features, such as those listed below:

  • Remote access: Control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the Sensi app.
  • Geofencing: The Sensi thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on your location.
  • Flexible scheduling: Program a schedule for each day of the week that fits your lifestyle.
  • Usage reports: Track your heating and cooling run times to identify areas where you can save energy.
  • Smart maintenance: The Sensi thermostat can alert you about your HVAC system's performance and efficiency.

The Sensi Smart Thermostat is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a smart thermostat that is easy to use and affordable. It is also a good choice for homeowners who are looking for a thermostat that can help them save energy and money. It only costs $129.99 and is available on Amazon, Best Buy, The Home Depot, and Lowe's.

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Mysa Smart Thermostat - Best Smart Electric Baseboard and in-Wall Heaters Thermostat

a photo of Mysa Smart Thermostat

Mysa Smart Thermostat


​The Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard and in-Wall Heaters V2 is a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that allows you to remotely control your home's temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is also compatible with popular smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

Here are some of the critical features of the Mysa Smart Thermostat:

  • Remote access: Control your thermostat from anywhere worldwide using the Mysa app.
  • Geofencing: The Mysa thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on location.
  • Flexible scheduling: Program a schedule for each day of the week that fits your lifestyle.
  • Usage reports: Track your heating and cooling run times to identify areas where you can save energy.
  • Smart maintenance: The Mysa thermostat can alert you about your HVAC system's performance and efficiency.

In addition, the Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 also includes several new features and improvements, such as:

  • A smaller and more sleek design
  • An adaptive display that automatically adjusts its brightness based on the ambient light in the room
  • NFC pairing for quick and easy setup
  • Support for more types of electric heaters, including self-contained hydronic baseboard heaters and in-ceiling radiant heaters

The Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a smart, easy-to-use, affordable, and feature-rich thermostat. It can work with baseboard heaters or radiant heat floors. It costs only $149 and is available on the company website and Amazon.

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Amazon Smart Thermostat - Best Smart Thermostat for Alexa Households

photo of Amazon Smart Thermostat which works with Alexa

Amazon Smart Thermostat is Energy Star Certified and works on Wi-Fi connection and works with Alexa.


If you're looking for a budget-friendly and smart thermostat to control your home's heating and cooling system, the Amazon Smart thermostat is an excellent pick at $59.99.

The Amazon Smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi smart thermostat developed by Honeywell that uses cloud-based machine learning to analyze how you use your HVAC system, then employs what Amazon calls hunches to heat and cool your house automatically. Hunch is based on the position of your smartphone and how often someone uses Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. So, unless someone is at home interacting with Alexa while you're out, the thermostat will learn to decrease the cooling or heating load if you leave at approximately the same time every morning—unless you change your routine.

Shaped like a square with round edges, the thermostat measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches (HxWxD). The thermostat is simple to use, with touch-sensitive areas for changing the temperature and selecting modes such as cooling, heating, fan-only, and auto.

Unlike the Nest thermostats, Amazon's Wall-Mounted thermostat shows neither a green leaf to indicate when your HVAC system is saving energy and money nor does it have an EnergyStar seal. However, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is EnergyStar certified.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat costs $59.99 and is available on Amazon. This thermostat does require a C-Wire, and Amazon offers the smart thermostat with a C-Wire adapter for $89.98 on the site. It is also compatible with Ring devices.

So, if an affordable thermostat is what you are looking at, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is your best choice.

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Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat - Best Smart Thermostat with Largest Coverage

The T9 smart thermostat by Honeywell

The T9 smart thermostat by Honeywell


A great option for those already invested in the Honeywell Home or Lyric smart home ecosystems, the T9 is a smart thermostat that comes with a room temperature sensor and can be connected to up to 20 in total. This helps to heat or cool your home, and the rooms you are actually using, more precisely in a bid to keep you comfortable and save money on your energy bills.

GearBrain reviewed the T9 in late-2019 and praised its robust smart home integrations (Alexa and Google Assistant recognize the thermostat and every sensor), and the inclusion of the all-important C-wire adapter.

Read the GearBrain review here

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