What Devices Work with Ring Video Doorbells, Cameras, Security Lights and Alarm Systems

In this Ring buying guide, we will show you all the products that are compatible with Ring smart devices, including smart lighting, security cameras, video doorbells, sensors and DIY smart home security systems for any size smart home..

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Ring was one of the first companies to market a smart video doorbell. Since the launch of its first-gen video doorbell, the company has expanded its product line to include security cameras, smart lighting, and DIY smart home security systems. Ring has also expanded its integrations with other smart devices like smart locks and switches. However, many users don’t know about these compatible products or the type of integrations you can set up in the Ring app with these devices. This Ring buying guide will educate you on which devices work with Ring video doorbells, cameras, and security systems. We will also show you the benefits of having one app to control all these devices and how to find them using The GearBrain, our compatibility find engine for smart devices.

Before we begin, it is important to note on Ring’s site; they list two types of compatible devices that work with Ring, certified and uncertified. Certified devices provide guided setup, additional features, and the best in-app experience connected with Ring products. These integrations and devices can also be controlled through the Ring app. Uncertified products will have basic functions and limited features in the Ring app. For instance, using the Ring app, you can only turn a device on or off. We will help you learn more about these two types of compatible products and how they work with Ring.

Devices that work with Ring Video Doorbells, Smart Lighting and Cameras

Photo of Ring Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell WiredRing

Integrating smart devices with your Ring video doorbell will vary based on how your Ring Video Doorbell is set up. For instance, if your Ring doorbell is the only device you are using, a limited number of connected products will work with Ring. However, if your Ring Doorbell is connected to a Ring Alarm System, your selection of devices will increase. This is because the Ring Alarm System works on a different wireless protocol. The Ring Alarm Systems work on a Z-Wave wireless connection, while Ring Video Doorbells, Smart Lighting, and Cameras connect on a Wi-Fi signal when not connected to Ring Alarm.

Smart Locks that work with Ring Video Doorbells

Photo of Level Touch smart lock on a doorinside view of Level Touch smart lockLevel Home

A smart lock is the first suitable compatible device for your Ring Video Doorbell. A certified smart lock that works with Ring doorbells allows you to unlock your smart lock while you are talking to your visitor through the live stream in the Ring app from your Ring Video doorbell. We like this integration, but the choices of certified smart locks are limited based on how your Ring Video Doorbell is connected. Here are the certified smart locks that work with Ring Video doorbell when your Ring doorbell is used as a standalone device:

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Smart Locks that work with Ring Alarm System

Photo of Yale Assure SL with Z-Wave Plus Smart Deadbolt LockThis lock from Yale includes a touchscreen keypad, and works with Z-WaveGearBrain

If your Ring Video Doorbell is connected to a Ring Alarm system, your choices of smart locks increase dramatically. You can choose any Z-Wave smart lock since the Ring Alarm Base Station will control it. The Ring app will help you set up these integrations. However, only one Z-wave smart lock is Certified and compatible with Ring Video Doorbells when connected to Ring Alarm System. It is the Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave Plus. All other Z-Wave-compatible smart locks will work with Ring but are not certified. You can use The GearBrain to find the 19 compatible smart locks. Listed below are just a few good Z-Wave smart locks for you to consider:

(Note: some Z-wave smart locks might have limited features when connected to the Ring Alarm hub. Check the lock's owner manual for more information.)

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Smart Garage Door Openers and Controllers that work with Ring Video Doorbells and Alarm Systems

Product shot of myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener with Wireless Wi-Fi HubChamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door ControllerChamberlain

The next smart device to consider using with your Ring Video Doorbell is a smart garage door opener or controller. Though none of these compatible devices are certified, they can be controlled in the Ring app, and you can easily set up notifications and routines to work with your garage door. Here are the smart garage door openers that work with Ring:

If you have a Ring Alarm System, the smart garage door openers and controller above will work with your DIY smart home security system.

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Siren that Works with Ring

Product shot of Dome Siren

Dome Siren is the only compatible alarm siren that works with Ring Alarm systems


All smart home security systems need a good reliable siren. Ring Alarm System does come with a Base Station with a built-in siren. However, Dome Siren is the recommended Certified siren if you would like another siren to help prevent intruders. You will need a Ring Alarm System since Dome connects to the Ring Base station. In the Ring App, you can set up the Dome Siren to go off when the Ring Alarm is triggered and adjust the loudness of the Dome Siren.

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Wi-Fi 6 Router That Works with Ring

Photo of Ring Alarm Base Station with eero Wi-Fi 6 Router Built in.

Ring Alarm Base Station comes with eero Wi-Fi 6 Router built-in for better connectivity in your smart home.


Ring Alarm Pro’s latest DIY smart home security system is called Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit with eero Wi-Fi 6 Router Built-in. Ring’s new smart home security system has a built-in Wi-Fi 6 router. If you don’t know about Wi-Fi 6, the next-generation Wi-Fi standard (802.11ax) can speed up your internet connection to exceed 1Gbps. This is three times faster than the current Wi-Fi 5 (aka 802.11ac). Ring has built-in an eero Wi-Fi 6 router to the Ring Alarm Base Station to provide a solid and secure wireless connection throughout your smart home. And if needed, you can easily add more eero Wi-Fi extenders in your home to bring wireless connectivity to those dead zones.

To set up and control the eero Wi-Fi 6 router in your base station, you must use the eero app.

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Smart Home Devices that work with Ring

Product Shot of Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat and room sensor.

The Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat and Room Sensor works with Ring.


The other smart devices that will work with your Ring devices which are Certified, are smart thermostats, smoke/CO alarms, and smart water systems. All these devices can be controlled in the Ring app. Here is the list of certified devices:

For Honeywell smart thermostats, Ring users can use the Ring app to adjust the temperature in their home, set schedules, and use location-based temperature control. You can even set up smart alerts for filter changes and temperature warnings.

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You will need to connect the First Alert Z-Wave Plus Smoke/CO Alarm to the Ring Alarm Base station. Once connected, users can get real-time notifications when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the Ring app. You can also set up to send notifications to the Ring monitoring team and request emergency responders to your home if needed.

Flo by Moen ¾ Inch Smart Water Shutoff is a smart home water security system that provides 24/7 leak detection and helps you learn more about your daily water habits and vulnerabilities. It can also help you save money on your water bill. Though you will need to use the Flo by Moen app for notifications and alerts, you can use the Ring app to connect Flo by Moen with your Ring devices. Note this integration is only available in the USA. And two other Flo devices work with Ring but are not certified: Flo by Moen 1-Inch Smart Water Shutoff and Flo by Moen 1 ¼-Inch Smart Water Shutoff.

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Smart Plugs and Outlets That Work with Ring

Product shot of Leviton Smart Plugs and Switches on a countertopLeviton Decora Smart Switches and Plugs with Wi-Fi TechnologyGearBrain

Besides smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart garage door controllers, Ring devices work with smart plugs and outlets. All these smart devices require a Ring Alarm Security System since they work on a Z-Wave connection. None of these devices are Ring certified, which means they will have limited functionality in the Ring app. For instance, you can control devices plugged into these devices or smart outlets in the Ring app. Controls are limited to turning appliances on and off and adjusting the brightness on dimmable lights. Here are the smart plugs and outlets that work with Ring:

Note: Ring also sells its own outdoor smart plug to work with Ring devices, but it requires a Ring Bridge for smart controls.

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Smart Switches That Work with Ring

Photo of Leviton Decora Smart Switch with Z-Wave

Leviton Decora Smart Switch with Z-Wave is compatible with Ring app.


Smart switch is another smart device category compatible with Ring video doorbells, cameras, and alarm systems. These smart switches are not certified and require a Ring Alarm to work with Ring. The switches will allow you to use the Ring app to turn your lights on and off and adjust the brightness of any dimmable light you connect to your switch. Here are the smart switches that work with Ring recommended by Ring:

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Smart Speakers and Displays That Work with Ring

Product shot of Facebook Portal smart displays with Amazon Alexa.New Portal Go and Portal+ Smart Displays by FacebookFacebook

The one category that all Ring products are compatible with is smart speakers and displays. Whether you have a Ring Video Doorbell, StickUp Cam, Floodlight Cam, or Ring Alarm system, you can use voice commands with these devices. However, only one voice platform works with Ring devices and systems today: Amazon Alexa. This is most likely due to the fact Ring is owned by Amazon.

Products with the Amazon Alexa platform built-in can function just like an Amazon smart speaker or display. It will work with Ring products if you have an Echo Show, Echo, Echo Dot, or even an Echo Plus. You can even use other smart speakers or displays with Amazon Alexa built-in. Listed below are some of the products that have Amazon Alexa built-in, which will work with Ring devices:

You can use The GearBrain to see if your smart speaker, display, or TV has Amazon Alexa built-in and works with Ring.

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Ring’s ecosystem has many applicable integrations that can help secure the inside and outside of your smart home. And we like how you can use one app to control all your Ring and compatible devices. Just remember, standalone Ring devices have limited integrations and compatible products versus Ring devices which Ring Alarm System controls. And if you need help troubleshooting problems with integrations, connecting compatible devices with the Ring app, or just trying to find compatible products, you can use The GearBrain. It’s free and easy to use. Also, you can store all your smart devices’ product information (i.e., user manuals and warranties) for free.

Overall, Ring makes it easy to set up these integrations with compatible smart devices by using only one app, the Ring App and one voice platform, Amazon Alexa.

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