Self Driving Cars

Why Waymo no longer calls its autonomous cars ‘self-driving’

The company says some car firms use 'self-driving' term inaccurately

Self Driving Cars

Google is opening Waymo driverless taxi service to the general public

Anyone in Phoenix, Arizona will be able to download the app and book a ride

Self Driving Cars

Waymo goes commercial with Fiat Chrysler driverless van deal

FCA deal will see Waymo technology used on Ram ProMaster delivery vans

Self Driving Cars

Amazon buys Zoox driverless car firm for reported $1.2B

The retailer plans to build a ride-hailing fleet to rival Uber and Waymo


Google is to shut down its Project Loon internet balloon service

Running costs couldn't be brought low enough, the Google division says

Self Driving Cars

Waymo limits service to truly driverless taxis only to tackle coronavirus

The company's vehicles with safety drivers have been temporarily taken off the road

Self Driving Cars

Waymo’s new driverless car can spot a stop sign 500 meters away

The fifth-generation autonomous driving system captures far more detail over great distances

Electric Cars

Another day, another Apple car launch estimate: This time, 2024

More realistic timeline emerges after claims Project Titan had accelerated

Self Driving Cars

We're halfway through 2020, so where is my self-driving car?

After years of optimism from the car and technology industries alike, the truly autonomous car is still down the road.

Self Driving Cars

These 8 companies are making the self-driving truck a reality

Park your autonomous car dreams for now, because trucks are where it's at


Project Titan: The story so far of Apple’s automotive ambitions

In the works since at least 2014, Apple's mysterious car project is edging closer to reality


Walmart and Cruise team up for deliveries via autonomous cars

The General Motors company is the latest to join Walmart's interest in having robots handle the delivery piece of their business

Self Driving Cars

Waymo self-driving cars to transport packages for UPS

Fleet of autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans will be used to carry packages around Phoenix.

Self Driving Cars

Half of Americans say they would never use a driverless taxi

Three-quarters also say the technology isn't ready for primetime

Self Driving Cars

Driverless food delivery firm Nuro gets green light for California

Autonomous food delivery vehicles operated by Nuro now have a permit to use public streets


Do I have to tip my self-driving cab?

Waymo launches its iPhone app for autonomous taxi rides, and the reality of a driverless ride gets closer

Self Driving Cars

Waymo now offers autonomous taxi rides with no safety driver

A small number of users have early access to the 'rider-only' service in Phoenix, Arizona.

Electric Cars

First electric car from Lucid Motors to have lidar driver assistance as standard

The Lucid Air is said to be the first electric car to include lidar in its sensor suite

Self Driving Cars

Waymo self-driving cars hit Los Angeles, but humans hands remain on the wheel

Three of the company's autonomous vehicles will build 3D maps and learn the LA driving style.

Artificial Intelligence

Google and Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai calls for new AI regulation

Potential harm of AI must be balanced with social opportunities, Pichai says




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